Practical Information: Discover All Car Insurance Claims – Insurance Quotes In Spring Texas

1 Auto insurance quotes Spring Texas in the event of an accident.

In the event of an accident, your auto insurance quotes Spring Texas policy always has the motor vehicle liability guarantee. Damage to property or personal injury caused to a third party will be reimbursed if your liability is incurred. To be reimbursed for damage to your vehicle if you are responsible for the incident, you must take out a “damage guarantee”, which covers the value of your car on the date of the accident.

2 Auto insurance in the event of an ice break incident

To be reimbursed by your insurer in case of breakage of ice or windshield on your vehicle, you must opt ​​for the complementary guarantee “breakage of ice”. This covers the cost of replacing the windows and the windshield, including the installation, with the exception of mirrors.

3 Auto insurance quotes Spring Texas in the event of a loss

If you are the victim of the theft of your vehicle, you must file a complaint with the police station and send a declaration of theft by registered letter to your insurer. If your vehicle is found damaged, its repairs will be covered by your insurer. If it is not found, you will be refunded the amount of its estimated value on the date of the flight.

4 Auto insurance quotes Spring Texas in the event of a fire incident

To obtain a refund for your vehicle in the event of a fire incident, opt for the optional complementary fire protection. In all cases, you must notify your insurer by registered letter, to suspend your contract while you have a new car, and to obtain payment for your vehicle if you have taken out the fire warranty.

Practical information: the steps to take in the event of an accident with your car

1 The declaration

The claim must be declared to his auto insurer within 5 days of the accident.

The auto insurance quotes Spring Texas must also report an estimate of the damage to his auto insurer as soon as possible. The amicable report makes it possible to accelerate the compensation. This document is an accident report that informs the auto insurer about the circumstances of the accident.

It must be sent by each driver to his insurer.

2 Compensation

In the event that you are not declared responsible for the accident, your insurer or that of the driver responsible, will pay you:

The amount equivalent to repairs, if it is less than the value of the vehicle

Otherwise a compensation corresponding to the value of a second-hand vehicle of the same type, called the “replacement value”.

In the event that you are declared responsible for the accident, your car insurer will reimburse your repairs only if your car insurance contract includes a “damage” guarantee. This compensation cannot go beyond the value of the vehicle at the date of the accident.

The price, mileage, maintenance and age of the car will determine the value of the vehicle during the appraisal, to compensate you.

However, if your vehicle is not repairable or if the cost of repairs is greater than the value of the vehicle, your car insurer will compensate you for the value of your vehicle (established by an expert).

Practical information: find all the useful information on the accident report in case of road accident

1 Why is it important to write the report amicably?

The observation makes it possible to determine the level of responsibility of the drivers.

Once signed the statement is no longer editable.

A well-completed statement facilitates and speeds up the settlement operations.

2 How to write an amicable report?

Use a single report for 2 vehicles (each driver must keep a copy of the report).

Use a black ballpoint pen so that the duplicate statement is legible.

The front of the report must be completed at the scene of the accident.

Check the boxes corresponding to the circumstances of the accident (The boxes on the left are for vehicle A and those on the right for vehicle B) and add the number of boxes marked with a cross.

Systematically make a diagram mentioning the circumstances of the accident: locations of vehicles before the accident (do not forget to identify the vehicles!), Indications on the road signs (lights, white line, arrows on the ground …), name streets.

Once the statement is completed, sign at the bottom of the front and have the other driver sign. Do not add anything to the front after separation of the two parties.

Warning! The report must be returned to your car insurer within 5 business days of the accident.

3 What to do if:

The other driver and you disagree about the circumstances of the accident? Indicate it imperatively in the Observations part on the front of the statement.

The other driver refuses to sign the statement? Collect information about the other driver: registration number, vehicle mark, insurance certificate details on the windshield…

You had a pileup? Complete a report with each driver colliding with your vehicle.

In any case, if witnesses have witnessed the accident, write down their names and contact information on the front of the statement. This can always be useful in case of dispute.