Face masks are popular because they are effective: they treat and calm the skin, eliminate signs of fatigue face maskand brighten the complexion. However, which one fits your skin type?

Face masks are essential for improving the health of your skin, but if you use the wrong type, you risk doing more harm to your skin than good. There are many masks on the market, but for good reason – each is designed for a certain skin type.

With multiple choices, you risk losing yourself. That’s why we decided today to present a guide that will allow you to choose the right face mask for your skin type.

For oily and combination skin:

The goal with oily skin is to eliminate excess sebum and balance its production. Often, oily skin is accompanied by clogged pores, so we look for ingredients that help remove impurities and reduce excess sebum.

A clay mask is great for that! There are many different clays from which you can choose when looking for the mask that suits you. You can choose between Ghassoul, pink clay or green clay (bentonite).

Clay Best Face Masks  are accessible, effective to eliminate impurities, unclog pores, absorb excess face mask mixed skinsebum and especially nourish your skin.

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For normal to combination skin:

If you have combined combination skin, you already know that it can be difficult to find the right products. Clay masks dry the skin, but moisturizing Best Face Masks can cause rashes in the oily areas. The key here is hydration and balance.

Although mixed skin is the most complicated, it’s easy to create an effective mask! For this type of skin, we suggest working with a mixture of natural humectants, which will not attack your skin.

Opt for masks made from honey, turmeric or matcha tea that are extremely nourishing especially for sensitive skin.

For dry skin

Masks are especially useful for dry skin! If you feel that your hydration efforts are in vain, complete your routine with a nourishing and moisturizing mask to smooth the skin. The trick is to find a mask that moisturizes the skin and at the same time preserves its moisture. Opt for masks made from natural oils such as coconut, olive or jojoba.face mask

For mature skin:

Mature skin is sensitive, finer and often lacks elasticity and flexibility. Firming Best Face Masks stimulate and strengthen the skin for an immediate lifting effect.

What texture? Use a “cloth” mask as it is better for aging and dry skin. Which active ingredients? Green vitamin E for its antioxidant effects

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Feel free to share with us your experiences and the best face masks you have tried so far.

To choose the best face mask and to find your way among the many models of brands on the market, here are some recommended masks among the best face masks trends

Face masks with moisturizing peculiarity

When the skin seems to be essentially dehydrated, the first rule is to nourish the skin, and concerning a face mask, we now find very effective moisturizing Best Face Masks .

The Estée Lauder face mask, “Advanced Night Repair Repairing Wrap-Around Mask” is of incredible quality and performance, but only a small problem, its price!

But if you want a quick moisturizing remedy, it’s a great plan. As a cheaper alternative, the facial mask “Mineral Thirsting” at Vichy can revive the condition and radiance of the face, the mask penetrates well and use twice a week is enough.

For a face mask bio-enzyme is bio-cellular, fabric mask “Hydra Bomb” brand Garnier is to discover, in just 25 minutes, this mask plumps, moisturizes and brings a beautiful shine. Best Face Masks

Face masks for combination to oily skin

Choosing a good face mask starts with knowing the nature of the skin. Mask for skins with tendencies, dry, fat or mixed, for the skins with mixed tendency and fat, some models of the market offer a good balance for a visible result after a few uses.

This is the case of the face mask “Caudalie” which purifies the skin while drying the parties concerned without dehydrating others, it refines the skin texture and really deserves to be tempted. The face mask “Purifying Mud” offered by the brand Sephora is also a model to test, moreover, an affordable price allows to try it.

For the L’Oréal Paris brand, the “Pure Clay Purifying” mask in a more expensive product range remains very effective. Best Face Masks During an acne breakout or for all imperfections of the skin, this mask is strongly recommended.