The 12 Best Masks For Your Face Best Face Masks

For a facial treatment to be effective, it is fundamental to know the characteristics and the type of skin that you have, that is to say dry, oily, or mixed. We all react differently to these Best Face Masks

But what stress everyday! Between work, home, accounts, our love life, children and problems that always happen without warning … All this restlessness and worry is reflected on our skin and can cause wrinkles , spots and a dull complexion.

But we do not necessarily have time to go to a beauty salon, and the creams of the market are so expensive that it is impossible to buy regularly to see the results … No panic: the solution is in our hands! Indeed, it is possible to use ingredients that we have probably already at home to take care of your skin and get a makeover.

So we propose in this article what you have been looking for for months: the 12 best masks for your face!

Why is my skin damaged?

acts as a first. Amid its main functions, we find the following: inform of A firm and luminous skin is a sign of good health, but there are many internal and external factors that can damage its appearance and alter its functioning.

The main factors that damage the skin

Excessive exposure to the sun  ;

Excessive use of chemical substances (makeup, soap, etc.);

The alcohol ;

The tobacco  ;

An unbalanced and unhealthy diet for health

From an aesthetic point of view, skin has always been considered as the symbol of beauty in many cultures. Today, many cosmetics brands are striving to find new formulas that rejuvenate and protect the skin . The most usual beauty treatment for the Best Face Masks is the mask.

But you do not need these expensive masks filled with chemicals; you can prepare your own face masks with natural ingredients at home!

Masks for the face: beauty and health

Nothing is more refreshing for the Best Face Masks than a natural mask that moisturizes, eliminates dead cells and firms the features. There are different types of mask depending on their action on the skin. So you have to know what you want before preparing your mask!

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Mask effect tensor: it applies wet and drying, it causes tension that promotes circulation and cellular nutrition.

Mask firming effect: it applies wet and drying, it causes a tension that firms the tissues.

Exfoliating mask: it eliminates dead cells and secretions of the skin.

Moisturizing mask: it prevents the evaporation of the water located on the surface of the epidermis, which creates a barrier of protection and blurs the wrinkles , while firming the lines.

Mask stimulating: it stimulates the capillaries on the surface and promotes the nutrition of the tissues.

Lightening effect mask: it absorbs excess melanin to eliminate brown spots and freckles.

Mask remodeling: it eliminates superficial dead cells while activating and accelerating cell renewal.

You must know that each person has a skin with different characteristics, resulting in a different reaction to each mask. One of the aspects that most determines the effectiveness of a treatment for the Best Face Masks is the type of skin (dry, oily or combination). If you know your skin type, you can find below the best masks for your face!