The Best Shark Vacuums Of 2017 Buyer’s Guide

Nerd Wallet Shopping’s scoring of the best Shark vacuum depends on our examination of the conclusions of specialists and customers like you.


We perceive that buyers search for various qualities in vacuums, so we scored clients’ perceptions on different components of top models, including their execution on cover and hard surfaces.


Picking a vacuum isn’t simple. We examined the absolute most well known Shark models available to settle on your choice less befuddling. To limit the field, we took a gander at master sentiments from survey locales, for example, The Sweethome, CNET and Great Housekeeping. Next, we dissected client audits to perceive what customers were saying in regards to the different qualities of each vacuum.


Here are our top Shark vacuums, in no specific request.


The vacuums.

1. Shark Rotator NV752

With its simple mobility, fueled lift-away capacity — which permits you to shatter off the rod and utilize the Rotator’sa more like a canister’s vac — and pet up holstery apparatus, this sensibly evaluated powerhouse came in second in our gathering of best upright vacuum cleaners, destroying models that cost hundreds more.


Purchasers Like.

  • Execution on cover, hard floors and stairs
  • Simple to-clean accumulation chamber
  • Capacity to clean pet hair
  • Purchasers Disdain
  • Weight
  • Perused our full Shark Rotator NV752 audit


2. Shark NV501

The adaptable upright Shark NV501 resembles three vacuums in one. You can utilize it as an upright, withdraw the lift-away case for the movability of a hand vac, or utilize the hose and transform it into a canister vac.


Purchasers Like.

  • Execution on both hard floors and low-heap covering
  • Capacity to clean pet hair
  • Clamor level
  • Purchasers Disdain
  • Execution on thick-heap covering
  • Solidness


3. Shark Guide Free-form SV1106 Cordless

The Shark Guide Free-form SV1106 Cordless is evaluated No. 1 in our positioning of vacuums that cost under $100, and it came in third behind two expensive Dysons in our gathering of best stick vacs. Its calm engine, intense suction, and execution on both covered and hard ground surface give it an edge.


Purchasers Like.

  • Cordless plan
  • Execution on cover and hard floors
  • Commotion level
  • Purchasers Detest
  • Toughness
  • Generally short battery life


4. Shark NV356.

The effective, simple to-move upright Shark NV356 is an expert on rugs and gets pet hair like a champ. Its progressed cyclonic innovation channels fine tidy from the air, forestalling obstructs, so its suction doesn’t lose control.


Purchasers Like.

  • Execution on cover
  • Capacity to clean pet hair
  • Simple to-discharge tidy glass
  • Purchasers Detest
  • Execution on hard floors
  • Weight


5. Shark NV22L

The lightweight upright Shark NV22L highlights a separable hose to clean stairs and other difficult to-achieve spots, effective suction, and a vast, simple to-clean tidy holder.


Purchasers Like.

  • Execution on covering and stairs
  • Weight
  • Simple To Move
  • Purchasers Despise
  • Clamor Level
  • Strength

Not as much as accommodating client benefit.

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