The Best Coffee Mugs Of 2018

To enjoy your coffee at any time, there is nothing better than a good coffee in a beautiful coffee cup. The Branded Coffee Cups there is something for all tastes, what we offer in the comparison of Branded Coffee Cups  below, you will save time in your search, because it includes a new selection of different models.

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Bodum Pavina 4557-10-12

Main advantage

This model offers you lenses that can withstand high temperatures. It can reach up to 250 ° C. Each of them can hold a hot or cold drink.

Main drawback

When cleaning in the dishwasher, some users have noticed the edges of these products that have tended to mark.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

To use these glasses as Branded Coffee Cups , they can accommodate even high temperature drinks. However, a dishwashing can mark their edges.


The material

The borosilicate glass that constitutes each of these articles is able to withstand a high temperature. The level of heat supported can reach 250 ° C. So, do not worry about them breaking easily especially if you use them to drink hot coffee. In addition, this constituent material is odorless. Unlike some components that emit smell especially in contact with heat, these containers leave nothing to feel. Hence the comfort of their use.

Moreover, their maintenance is in the dishwasher not to ask you to make a lot of effort after each use. They are baked in the oven and microwave to warm your food or serve as containers if your preparations require you to put your ingredients in glass. Thanks to all these features, the equipment offered in this lot is used in various circumstances.

The form

Bodum Pavina 4557-10-12 offers you a set of 6 double-walled glasses. It offers you a patented system of equalization of the air pressure between these walls. Therefore, on the one hand, you run no risk of burning yourself even if the element contained is considerably hot. You are free to use each container as a coffee cup or to receive a cold drink without worrying about a problem of discomfort.

On the other hand, the double-wall design ensures optimal storage of the initial temperature of your beverage whether hot or cold. In addition, this aspect offers you a unique avant-garde design. These elements enhance the decor of your kitchen or table when placed there. Moreover, their shape leads to a comfortable grip to ensure use in a good condition every time.


Each item of the lot has a capacity of 8 cl. Admittedly, this capacity is not the highest in comparison with other products of this type available on the market. Nevertheless, it allows you to have a sufficient amount of hot or cold drink with each use.Branded Coffee Cups  It helps you spend a friendly time with your friends or other family members using the same glasses. Anyway, you can always add coffee if the first cup is not enough.

This capacity also leads to non-bulky items. So, do not worry about keeping it organized. The effort you need to make is limited to find room on your table that is already close. It is also easy to insert both in the dishwasher and oven even if their capacity is limited.