Cleveland Attractions and Coolest Things to Do in Cleveland – What to See. A Complete Guide to Iconic Places.

This is one of the largest metropolitan areas of the United States. The city was founded by a famous politician, a participant in the war of independence, Moses Cleveland in 1796. The structure of the city is quite peculiar, it is divided into several areas, each of which has its own characteristics and a unique cultural orientation.

In the central part of the city is Public Square, which is surrounded by the three largest skyscrapers. Here you can also see the old church of Old Stone Church and the monument erected to the sailors and soldiers called Soldiers ‘and Sailors’ Monument.

Cleveland’s northernmost quarter is called the Civic Center, here are the most important administrative buildings, city hall and the most beautiful parks of the city. An unusual sculpture in the form of a large red seal was installed in the center of the district, as a symbol of the power and wisdom of the government.

The neighboring area is called the North Coast District, which contains a variety of attractions. Here you can see the modern Cleveland Browns Stadium football stadium, playing here Coolest Things to Do in Cleveland and just around the corner is one of the most popular museums in the Great Lakes Science Center. But the most unusual cultural center still remains the Rock and Roll Museum of Fame, which houses collections of unique exhibits telling about the most popular musical direction of the 80s.

Gourmets should definitely visit the Gateway District area, where the most popular restaurants and bars are located. Connoisseurs of theatrical art will be interested to visit the area of ​​Playhouse Square, where you can find the largest theaters of the States. Vacationers with children should visit the Cleveland Zoo, where the youngest guests of the city will be able to see tame animals, take pictures with them, and even feed them.

Here, in addition to charming Italian restaurants, there are many more interesting things for tourists. The stores feature clothing and footwear of famous Italian manufacturers, and there are also gastronomic shops selling Italian wine and delicacies.

 There are many interesting historical sites in this area. Here is the beautiful Church of Saint Rosaria, which was built in 1905, and the Alta House, which was also built in the late 19th century and belonged to the Italian community.

The city houses one of the best art museums in the United States – the Cleveland Museum of Art. It contains unique art objects brought from various parts of the world. Many exhibits belong to the times of the Middle Ages, samples of Asian and Indian art are of great interest.

Travelers with children

Coolest Things to Do in Cleveland will be interested to visit the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, a tour of which promises to be informative, not only for kids. The museum holds a collection of exhibits dedicated to the rich world of animals and plants. Here you can see samples of fossils found by archaeologists in various areas of the United States.

In Cleveland there is a beautiful botanical garden, which nature lovers will also love. Part of his collection of exotic plants is hidden in the greenhouse, so you can visit the garden at any time of the year. The most interesting thing is to walk along it in the summer, when the garden is decorated with interesting landscape compositions.

Those who like to relax in the fresh air, should walk through the park Edgewater. It is located off the coast, in this park there are many equipped picnic areas, free space for active games and original monuments. On the territory of this park there is a clean well-groomed beach, where in summer you can sunbathe and enjoy water sports.

Among other interesting sights, the Museum of Money is worth noting, its collection of exhibits is incredibly diverse. The most unusual exhibit is the money tree – a very beautiful living tree, on the branches of which dozens of banknotes are attached.