Luxury travel review


Those who read my travel blog or follow me on social networks know that I attach great importance to comfort and luxury on the road.

This does not prevent me from going to meet the locals, to immerse myself in the noisy and traditional neighborhoods or spend a day trek in the wilderness. Varying and alternating experiences is my conception of travel.

The comfort of the trip is essentially to charming hotels, to fast and comfortable means of transport, to restaurants in peaceful surroundings, …

In this post, I share some tips to preserve a certain comfort while traveling and enjoy exceptional places even if your budget is sometimes limited.

Privilege Domestic Flights To Buses

When traveling, transport is often the most tiring / trying time.

Remember to always prioritize the plane to the bus (or even the train).

I admit to love the train for the scenes of life that can be observed in some countries. The night train also helps not to waste too much time and rest. Bus trips are often more tiring and more monotonous.

With the presence of many low-cost companies (especially in Asia and Europe!), Traveling by plane does not necessarily cost much more and saves time and comfort!

Recently, in Vietnam, I made a low cost flight with VietJetAir and a ticket Da Nang (Hoi An) – Ho Chi Minh only cost me 25 euros, checked baggage included! About 1 hour of flight against 16 hours of bus. The question should not arise 😉

Bonus, in addition to comfort, the plane will save you a lot of time. On a trip of 2 or 3 weeks, losing a day on a bus or a train, it’s a shame!

Take A Break In A Luxury Hotel

I usually spend a few nights in Luxury travel review hotels during my travels. Of course, my budget does not necessarily allow me to stay entirely in luxury hotels but it is always nice to make a break in his trip and enjoy a charming hotel with all the comfort associated.

I always choose hotels that bring a real plus. Either at the level of the geographical situation, or at the level of the frame or the architecture.

From now on, staying in a boutique hotel is, for me, an integral part of the trip!

During my recent trip to Burma, I had the opportunity to stay at a beautiful hotel on Inle Lake, the Thahara Inle Heritage, which I will discuss shortly. The memory I keep is more than just a hotel stay. The setting, the history of the place and the refinement of the hotel will remain a full memory of this trip to Burma!

If your budget is limited, book a night in a luxury hotel. Do not plan anything for this day and enjoy a break 😉

Discover Refined Restaurants

Even if I am a big fan of street food and small restaurants, I appreciate more and more refined restaurants. For the frame but also for the delicacy of the dishes.

The interest of the street food is to discover a simple cooking, a cooking of every day and to be in contact with the premises. It is also a way of eating fast and cheap.

Dining at fine dining options allows you to relax, sample other local dishes and have a more refined cuisine.

In Japan, to change noodles or sushi, you can opt for more classy and refined restaurants. Contrary to prejudices, by learning a little, we can eat very well for a very good price.

In Tokyo, for example, I ate at a Michelin-starred restaurant for less than 10 euros. Fine cuisine and a sashimi of sardines that will remain one of my best culinary memories on a trip!

Plan “Light” Days In His Trip

Last tip to relax enjoy a “comfort” trip. Try to plan one or two light or off days on a trip of 2 weeks or more.

Depending on the trip or the country, having a relaxing day, without a specific schedule can make a good sleep, enjoy a pool or just relax.

When I travel more than 2 weeks, I always plan a light day per week. The opportunity to enjoy a class hotel and comfort / activities offered by the hotel (return to one of the previous paragraphs!).