Things That You Can’t Put In A Rented Dumpster – Dumpster Rentals

Whether you’re working on a remodeling project or removing trash from your home you simply can’t toss these 10 things in your rented dumpster.

What are they? Check out here:


Batteries contain poisonous chemicals including mercury, lead etc which can be harmful for environment. Even a small proportion of these batteries can have a serious negative impact on environment and wildlife. Always look for the local retailers for selling used batteries as they can recycle it in a harmless manner.


E-waste like computers, accessories, printers and hard drives should not be put into dumpsters as they contain harmful chemicals similar to batteries. Many states have banned disposing of electronics into landfills that’s why dumpster companies no longer accept electronic waste. This waste is recycled by e-waste facilities.

Auto Fluids

Auto oil, engine fluid, transmission oil, coolants or even pesticides should not go into the dumpsters. These are not dangerous in small amounts. But combination of these fluids with other waste can be harmful. It is also bad for the animals who often eat trash.

Paints & Solvents

Every home has some leftover paint sitting there to be dumped. Avoid dumping of paints and solvents into dumpsters. This type of solution contains harmful chemicals in them which can eventually leech out into our water resources and contaminate them.

Heavy Items

Heavy materials such as tyres, bricks, concrete etc should not be thrown into the dumpsters. They do not directly possess and threat to our environment. But their disposal in landfills can seriously degrade the quality and lifespan of those landfills.

These are the few common things which everyone would agree not to toss in dumpsters. But there are other things too which we don’t feel like a threat to the landfills and put them in dumpsters too often.

Pizza Boxes

Cardboards such as Pizza Boxes which are commonly used in food supplies contains oil seeping into the cardboard. This can be harmful when mixed with other recyclable material and thus should not be put into the dumpsters.

Plastic Caps

Caps used in most plastic bottles, detergent bottles and tubs are unrecyclable and therefore should not be put into the dumpsters. On the other hand plastic bottle is certainly recyclable and can be dumped separately.


Styrofoam is a commonly used substance at homes worldwide which is a serious threat to the environment. This is made of petroleum and is highly flammable in nature. This should go into a dedicated Styrofoam recycling unit only.

Aerosol Cans

Some might say that these cans are made up of recyclable material which is quite right. But it still contains some substances that are very harmful in nature. They take the form of Tin and Aluminum cans and hence should go separately. And not with other recyclable material.

There are ways to get the things done and there are certainly ways to do things the right way. There are facilities to dispose every type of waste you just have to ask the dumpster rental company. They will guide you on how to recycle or dispose of your waste properly. We at Dumpster Rentals Cedar Park believe that there’s no better way to contribute to environment than doings the right way.