Features Of Dubai Roads For Car

Riding in the UAE is a pleasure! Even in California, where drivers have a temperament close to ours. Nobody cuts, when turning on and turning on, turn on the turn signals, after overtaking, they are all rebuilt in the right lane if he is free. There is a marking on the roads, and the axial is not white, like ours, but yellow. At night, it is better visible than white. On many roads, the axial and extreme lateral (at the curb) have a ribbed profile. When driving over it with a wheel, the car starts to vibrate and hum, which helps a half-awake driver to wake up and concentrate on the road. And at night, sometimes you start to nod off the monotony of the road, especially if you have a busy day behind.

As for the routes, it is better to take the navigator with you or buy on the spot than to take it in a Car Rental Dubai company. For a week of using the navigator, the cost is about $ 90. I personally get away with the general map. One time, of course, it was what turned the wrong way, but was only glad, because in addition to the trip to the lake I could look at it from the mountain – the view was excellent! In addition, it is quite convenient to navigate the terrain – there are a lot of signposts warning in advance about congresses, lanes, towns and attractions, and traffic allows you to drive without tension. Although there are exceptions.

What immediately catches your eye – these are signs. The vast majority of them are not like ours, but very informative and you immediately understand what it means. Without even knowing English. The second point, in the UAE for Car Rental Dubai, turning right at a red traffic light is allowed, if it does not create interference and there is no prohibition sign. Where you can turn to the right only on the green, there is a sign “No turn in red”. Thirdly, the rule “interference with the right” in the United States does not work at equivalent intersections! When approaching such an intersection, there is usually a STOP sign, and at the bottom there is a sign “all ways”, i.e. all sides. Then it happens that the first one arrives, the first one passes. It does not matter, straight, right or left, he will go. The first one entered the intersection, the first one is driving through! As they say, who first got up, that and sneakers.

Speaking of signs. In America, schools that are near the roads are signs, like ours, “Carefully children.” And there it is supposed to reduce the speed to the specified value. But what is interesting is that the actions of these signs, in many places, are limited in time (and not like ours around the clock). And somewhere near the sign there is a yellow traffic light. If it is lit – “driver attention, slow down”; if not, move as it is.

For school buses, too, special respect. They have the priority of the movement and if he stopped for the landing of pupils, the movement is almost measuring.

Another interesting fact is that in the United States is a direct, does not mean the fastest way. This applies to cities. In Las Vegas, for example, drive from Lu-xor to “4 Queens” faster through the highway than on the main street – the Strip, on opposite sides of which they are located.

In general, the device roads in the United States is very interesting. Highways are divided into highways, freeways and interstate – run by the municipality, state, and federal highway. They pass through the cities, but do not belong to the system of urban roads and, accordingly, the speed limit on them as on a country road. There are no pedestrian crossings and, only occasionally, there are traffic lights. To get “in the city” it is necessary to turn off at a certain congress. During peak hours, traffic jams often form at sites passing through cities and the speed drops from the permitted 70 to 20-30 miles per hour. In addition, many of them (especially seen in California) have a special strip for full cars. Moreover, the category “full car” refers to cars, where there are at least two people. But if you are alone and you are caught in this lane, the wallet will “lose”