What Is The FHA Loan Limit? – Max FHA Loan Amount Texas

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) promotes home ownership by supporting home mortgages for people with modest incomes who may not meet the traditional criteria of a home loan. But the FHA will save loans only at a certain amount.


A federal formula defines the maximum size of a loan that the FHA can save. In 2010, what is the FHA loan limit in Texas for a single-family home was $ 271,050. However, the limits are higher in larger cities and other areas of “high cost”. For example, the limit in Denver in 2010 was $ 406,250; in San Diego it was $ 697,500. No loan for a single-family home, regardless of the area, could be larger than $ 729,750.


FHA loan support comes in the form of mortgage insurance. It guarantees lenders that if a borrower with a default FHA mortgage approved, the FHA will compensate the lender.


Standards for an FHA loan are more flexible than for conventional home loans. You do not need as large a down payment, for example, and debt payments can make a larger percentage of your income. However, you must pay a monthly premium for FHA insurance.

Other types

Two, three and four unit properties are also eligible for FHA-backed loans. Limits on these properties are usually in proportion to the limits for a single-family homes. In 2010, what is the FHA loan limit in Texas for a property of four units was $ 521,250. In high-cost areas, it has capped at $ 1,403,400.

Who is eligible for an FHA loan?

The Federal Housing Administration provides private loans to extend the ownership to more Americans. Although the income and down payment requirements for FHA loans are low, a borrower still needs to qualify based on credit and financial requirements.


There are five main types of loans: FHA first real estate loans, fixer loans, help for the elderly, energy efficiency loans and manufactured real estate loans. There are a variety of other programs, however, such as the Next Good Neighbor Door Sale Program for Teachers, Fire Fighters and Public Service Agents. Look in the programs on the HUD website for more information.


The purpose of FHA loans is to help homebuyers who are good candidates for mortgages to overcome small challenges. For example, a first-time homebuyer can have a high income and a good credit, but miss a down payment, and the FHA can help with his low down payment program. The purpose of the program is not to help those who are not qualified for home ownership; it is designed to make the property more accessible for responsible borrowers.

The FHA defines a responsible borrower as someone who:

A history of stable employment

Has a stable income, preferably increasing in the last 24 months

Is free of any bankruptcy filing, Chapter 7 or 13, in the last two years

Has not been foreclosed for three years

Has a globally high balance sheet of loan repayments, including a lack of tranche defaults and revolving debt.

What is the age limit for a bank loan?

You have projects in mind, you want to make a bank loan but you are a senior, find out what are the age limits to subscribe a credit…

A bank loan is used to finance projects as varied as the purchase of a vacuum cleaner to finance a house on the French Riviera. Whether young or old, projects continue to sprout in our minds and it would be a shame not to be able to achieve them. The bank loan knows however age limits…

Why banks do not lend to seniors?

Banks are not philanthropists and each loan granted is only intended to earn money through the payment of interest. In this context, lending money to someone who is 70 (for example) is a greater risk. Thus, two situations are possible:

Either the bank decides, purely and simply, not to lend the money

Either the bank lends money on fairly demanding terms

An insurance problem…

Banks and insurance companies have gradually adapted to the aging of the population, and specific offers have emerged for seniors to borrow up to 80 years. However, like any credit, there is no credit without insurance and this is often where the problem lies.

In fact, after the age of 60, clients must complete a medical questionnaire, undergo a medical examination or even provide a risk declaration. So many controls that serve to predict the unpredictable and that do not play in the favor of the borrower. Indeed, who can boast of being in perfect health at 60? The slightest concern will raise the insurance and the bank will not be able to advance the money.