Flowers For The waiter – Waitrose Flowers

Newspaper “Moscow suburbs today” again pleased us with interesting news. The issue of September 3, 2015 contains the article “Seven-color hospice”. The article tells us:


“More than a hundred Russian schools, including 14 near Moscow, have decided to spend money on good deeds, and not on expensive bouquets. For the second year in a row, the action “Children instead of flowers” ​​is offered to children by teachers and volunteers from charitable organizations. ”


The headmaster of the Odintsovo District School commented on the article, where she explained:

“We offered parents, if their child really wants to give flowers to the teacher, bring one flower. No more”.


Further, the journalist writes that in the schools of the Moscow region not only transferred money, but also expressed solidarity with the action, having made badges and ribbons with inscriptions. Interestingly, the icons were cheaper than flowers, in which the journalist has no doubts about the high prices?


For teachers, schoolchildren made drawings, cards, origami and gifts with their own hands. It is instead of flowers. Teachers so seldom see drawings and origami from children, that from affection I have a tear right away.


Further in the article it is reported that an employee of the Vera Hospice Aid Fund told children about the flowers of seven-color flower. She compared the actions of children who did not bring flowers to the school for teachers with how the girl spent her last petal, wishing to help another child. Comparison, in my opinion, very doubtful. Since the girl from the fairy tale gave to another what she was going to take for herself. And the children who did not bring flowers to the teachers gave money to the needy. That is, they would still give, the only difference is in the addressee.


I remember the hard 90s, when I fell to the lot to go to school. There were few people who had money (they did not eat meat every day), but children always had bouquets on September 1. They were different in quality and quantity. Often these were flowers from their own gardens. And if someone brought purchased flowers, then everyone looked at them with envy. What has changed since then? People after all began to live richer. Why was it possible to compare charity and flowers for a teacher on September 1?


And the worst that happened could happen. Education began to be called the service industry. For 75 years, it was considered a strategic industry, and now, you see, this is a service industry. And if this is a service sector, then we will treat the teacher at school in the same way as a waiter in a cafe. You do not carry waitrose flowers once a year. Why bear their teacher?


At the II Congress of the Parental All-Russian Resistance, devoted to the problems of education, Ph.D. in History Yury Nikiforov describes this approach to education as schizophrenic and describes, using the example of patriotic education in school:


“… all the talk about education as a service industry is schizophrenic in nature. Patriotic education cannot be a service for which a potential conditional consumer will pay or not. And the quality of this service – patriotic education – cannot depend on the price of education, which is formed in a paid system. Because the price in this case is the very existence, self-preservation and the continued existence of the people of Russia and the state of Russia. ”


Another speaker at the same Congress, the director of the Orthodox school, Mikhail Tishkov , describes the teacher of the services sector :


“The teacher at the same time turns from the creator of the future personality into the seller of educational services, which leads him to alienation from the student, in which he now sees not the end, but the means. And try, for example, to sell spiritual development or patriotic education. That is, in other words, try to sell love for the motherland. ”


But it is true that a change in the approach to education towards the service sector is precisely that the sale of the Motherland, the betrayal of the Motherland. No matter how pathetic it sounds.