Updates About Fnaf World World

Version 1.01 is the very first update for the game, it came out a day after the game was released.

In this update, the volume of breathing of animatronics was increased.

Version 1.02 is the next update for the game.

It fixes small bugs.

Version 1.1 is the biggest update of the game.

It came out after the Halloween version and adds to the original game part of what is in the Halloween version, but not in the original game, namely, Cheats , Challenges and the mini-game “Fun with Balloon Boy”, a kind of game ” Fun with Plushtrap “.

Halloween Edition

On October 31st, on Halloween, Scott released a non-canonical version of the game, known as “Halloween Edition”, immediately updated to version 1.1 (the original version was version 1.02 at that time). The following changes occur in this update:

All animatronics, except for Nightmare Freddy and Nightmare Fredbear, are replaced by their Halloween counterparts: Nightmare Bonnie on Jack-o-Bonnie, Nightmare Chica on Jack-o-Chica, Nightmare Foxy on Nightmare Mangle, Plushtrap on Nightmare Balloon Boy and Nightmare – on Nightmarionne . Also, the cake was replaced with a Halloween pumpkin.

Adds and modifies some images in mini-games in order to decorate the game in the Halloween theme.

The mini-game “Fun with Plushtrap” is replaced after every night with “Fun with Balloon Boy”.

The update also added “Cheats”, “Challenges” and a mini-game “Fun with Balloon Boy” in the Extra menu.

The last change was later transferred to the original version of the game as an update 1.1.


This is the first game where there are no cameras. The second is Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator.

This is the first game where there are no children’s drawings. The second is Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location.

If you illuminate the teaser with the Nightmare Freddie, you can see the inscription “NIGHTMARE ” (Russian “Nightmare” or “Nightmare “). The same is true for other teasers, on the teaser with the Nightmare Fox (if clarified, the inscription “OUT OF ORDER” will appear (Russian Disabled) and higher on the teeth of Nightmare (Russian Nightmare, Nightmare).

All teasers with Nightmare animatronics are called “4 “. Most likely, this refers to the serial number of the game.

After the release of the teaser with the Nightmare Freddie site is a reference to the Bite “87” . Soon the name changed to Sco7tt Ga8mes. However, now the site is displayed in the old way “.

If you enter into Google Maps [tel: 8788788778 8788788778] (digits from the website address) you will get this. Then Scott wrote that these are just coincidences.

On the teaser with a hat and a butterfly there is an inscription ” Property of Fr [Pass] er “. Most likely, this refers to the first pizzeria “Fred bear’s Family Diner “, that is, the ” Fredbear’s Family Diner Property” (the property of Fredber’s Family eatery) is obtained and as we know in Part 4 of the game Fredber has a purple butterfly and a purple hat.

Also on this teaser in the reflection on the floor, you can see someone’s jaw. This jaw belongs to Friedberg, as the inscription ” Scott Games ” and the hat with the butterfly are purple. Although, it is possible that the jaw belongs to the belly of Friedberg, since it turned out that the hat with the butterfly belonged to him.

Fans find similarities between popular movie characters and nightmarish animatronics, that is: Freddie’s nightmare – Freddy Krueger, Bonnie’s Nightmare – Predator, Nightmare Chick – Terminator and Zubatic, Foxy – Xenomorph, Alien and Venom, Nightmarish Fredber  – Something, Plushtrap  – Robert Doll or The doll Chucky.

Although it’s possible, it’s just coincidences or intimidations of animatronics.

If you combine the inscriptions of Fredber together, you get the sentence “Or it was probably me” (Russian or maybe it was me).

The main menu has changed a lot. There are three nightmarish animatronics (namely: Bonnie’s Nightmare, Freddie’s Nightmare and Fox Nightmare) in the bushes near the house. It is interesting that Foksi can see the language, but in the game he does not. Also, some confuse animatronics with fir trees or shrubs.

Scott sent many foreign YouTube readers a message that the fourth part will be released on August 8. Also, if you go to the official Fnaf world 4 page on Idled, you can see that the title of the screenshot is called “8815” (08/08/15) – the release date of the game.

Perhaps, Scott hinted at the release date of the fourth part. Remember the April fool’s teaser, it had the number 2015, the sum of which is eight, and August-the eighth month and the number eight. Although it is possible, Scott hinted to us that the continuation will be released in 2015, and the release date later, as far as development is concerned, was built up under this case. But there are theories that the April fool teaser Scott just wanted to play a trick on us, and then seriously thought about the continuation of the game.

The sound of the screamer in the trailer is similar to the merging of scramers from the first and third parts of the Fnaf world.

The date on the teasers (October 31), according to Scott, is the date the game was updated. And he did not lie.

As we can see in the trailer, we do not have cameras. This is the first version, where the cameras are completely missing (the second Fnaf world). And this is confirmed by the fact that in the house, and even in the children’s room, there simply cannot be cameras.

It turns out that Fredber is not gray, but golden. This proves the mini-games in the fourth part and Fredber in the game itself.

Scott specially made it gray in color so that his teeth were not bleeding. It’s so easy to find out who made the bite.

If you light the teaser “The end. Thanks for playing! “Then you can see a small question mark after the inscription” The End “.

On the seventh night, which can be included in the Extra menu, there is a completely new animatronic called Nightmare (Russian Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare). This is a semi-transparent Fredber of black color with a yellow-gold bow and a yellow-gold hat and a button on his stomach. He has thin legs and red claws, possibly bloodied.

Also there is an eighth night: a 20/20/20/20 (4/20) mode. It can be activated if after passing the Nightmare press four times the numbers 2 and 0, which form the “twenty”.

Still there was a funny Easter egg that was present in all the other games of Five Nights at Freddy’s: if you press Freddie’s nose (in this case – a plush toy), then a funny sound will be played.

After the passage of 7 nights, a chest is displayed and the inscription “Perhaps some things should not be touched now”.

The plush Foxy has no head in mini-games. Most likely, she was torn off by the elder brother of the protagonist, in order to frighten her with her help.

Also, in the penultimate mini-game the elder brother of the protagonist wears a mask of Foxy, which may hint that he is a Phone guy. The Phone guy himself said that he liked Foxy, probably as much as the older brother of the protagonist.

But it is very strange that when Nightmarish Foxy becomes a plush toy, her head is in place. It is possible that the boy remembers the toy Foxy, even in those times when he was not scared.

The photographs in the house depict Scott himself with his family.

In mini-games, Plushtrap is very similar to Toy Bonnie’s head.

At the final teaser, Golden Freddie has eyes (one red and one white).

On the Steam game page, Scott confirmed that he will make two updates: one is a game update to version 1.1, and the second is not a canonical update that will cost for free (this means that the appearance of one or another nightmarish animatronics in the game does not apply to it stories).

Almost all nightmarish animatronics, for Fredber and Nightmare, who dream of a child do not have any abilities. They just walk on the floor.

The fourth part in some places repeats the first: the kitchen, which can only be seen with the radar. The kind of nightmares is similar to the usual ones, especially Freddie, a cabinet similar to a pirate bay, a door with a flashlight, a Screamer Nightmare and so on.

Sometimes to the left of the bed you can see flowers, a dropper and a jar with tablets. This suggests that the real Boy is in the hospital.

If you speed up Fredber’s laughter, you will get a laugh from the boy. The same thing will happen if Freddie’s laughter is accelerated, after which the laughter of the girl will turn out, which is also a laugh before the appearance of the Golden Freddie.

As in the previous parts of the game, the night can sometimes end during the screamer. But it will happen only if the screamer has changed the time from 5AM to 6AM.