Glamour Happy new year’s Tips – Happy New Year


  1. Ammunition. The most solemn things are a dress, hairpins and a clutch. The ensemble is just perfect.
  2. Choose, or lose. Buying a dress, be guided by its relevance and adequacy of the figure. The most fashionable now – shiny maxi and mini, a bustier with a pencil skirt or the sun.
  3. Give a belt. If the dress is a little large, and there is no time to go to the dressmaker, do not refuse it. Place shoulder pads under too wide shoulders, increase your chest with the help of a push-up bra, and fold the waist at the waist with a belt or satin ribbon.
  4. Prick conscience. If, on the contrary, the thing is small, grab English pins to the party. For every fireman.
  5. Guests from the past. Vintage accessories such as a clutch bag or a handbag on a long chain will add a special chic to the image.
  6. Jeans Board. Do not want to go on holiday in a dress? Put on your jeans! In an elongated model of monophonic denim, a bright top and pumps with heels, you will be one of the most elegant guests of the evening.


  1. Enchanted, ringed. A large multicolored ring is a mandatory component of an evening look. You will be able to shine with it both at handshake, and gesturing in conversation.
  2. Shake and mix. Combining gold and silver jewelry is not only possible but necessary. This combination looks bright and avant-garde, especially if you add colored stones to it: rubies, sapphires, topazes.
  3. Better more, yes better. Mix products of different shapes and textures: rounded, acute-angled, from metal, plastic, stones. Jewelry does not happen much!
  4. Pebble in the chest. Another way to stand out from the crowd is to find a product with your stone talisman and wear it everywhere and always.


  1. Love from the shoulder. In the bustier dress you can go both to work and to a party. In the afternoon, put a cardigan over the dress and do not remove it until the evening.
  2. Top of perfection. An alternative to the dress is a pencil skirt with a bright silk blouse with buttons. Going to the party, do not fasten your blouse tightly – let the seductive bra be a little visible.
  3. Big difference. The most festive accessories: jewelry and clutch – fold the jewelry into it and take it with you to work. Do not wear bulky jewelry in the office – earn the reputation of the happy New Year tree.
  4. on a friendly foot. Bring evening shoes with rhinestones to work. It is impossible to appear in the light of the boots, so after the end of the working day, change them to shoes or sandals and go to have a taxi.
  5. Strained Relations Dense black tights – part of the office dress code. To dress was not boring, remove the pantyhose and wear stockings from lace or with a print.

How to look good in photos?

Would you like to party pictures was not ashamed to post on Facebook? Then think over everything in advance.

  1. Colors and colors. A solid outfit of rich color (blue, red, and fuchsia) will be beneficial to look at the frame. But with prints be more moderate, because you should be the center of attention, not your dress.
  2. Not just shine. If a competent makeup will hide skin imperfections and emphasize facial features, then an excess of cosmetics will immediately reflect on the photo. To eliminate shine, use matting wipes, and not powder, the abundance of which will make you look like a doll.
  3. Take a position. Rehearse at home in front of the mirror: stand in a comfortable position for you, turn the body at a slight angle to an imaginary camera, straighten your back, put your hand on your waist and slightly bow your head. When you are photographed, take the same position, moving away from the source of artificial light.