Interior Decoration: The Different Types Of Interior Blinds – Window Roller Shades

Venetian blind, boat awning, Japanese blind or Houston roller shade companies … Explanations on the difference and the operation of each one.

The Venetian blind

The Venetian blind is undoubtedly the best known and the most sold. Consisting of a succession of thin horizontal slats, the venetian blind has a manual mechanism allowing its opening and closing to the desired height thanks to a self-locking brake and is also equipped with a rod to guide its blades to control precisely the flow of light. Its manipulations can also be managed by an electrical system. Available in several widths, the venetian blind is also available in different types of materials. The most common is the Venetian blind in aluminum or PVC, but it also exists with thin strips of bamboo, wood, or slats of wood covered with leather for the most sophisticated.

The roller shutter

Thef Houston roller shade companies is in the form of a fabric panel more or less thick depending on whether we want more or less sift the light. In technical fabric, it can completely obscure it, or even play the role of thermal insulation. In decorative fabric, it filters and sieves the light beautifully. As its name suggests, the Houston roller shade companies works by winding the fabric with a manual control chain that just pulls to adjust the opening height. To be installed on the ceiling, on the wall or on the opening of the window, this type of awning is available in several widths.

The boat blind

This is the most “classic” format of the blinds of all types that exist. Nevertheless, it remains timeless and can adapt to all types of decor, classic or contemporary. Generally made of light fabric that sifts the light, the awning opens and lowers with a cord or a chain. Consisting of horizontal rods arranged at equal distance over its entire height, its mechanism allows the fabric to fold on itself thus forming beautiful flat folds when folded. If it is very decorative, the boat blind also has the advantage of easy maintenance since machine washable.

Japanese blind

Unlike other blinds that rise and fall, the Japanese blind, or Japanese panels, is sliding. The operation of Japanese blinds is quite simple. Generally placed in front of a bay window, the panels slide one behind the other with a rope that leads them on a rail or several rails according to their number. Like other blinds, panels can be decorative fabric or technical fabric. Japanese panels are not only used to filter light, they can also be used as a partition in a large room or to close a storage space.

The vertical blind or awning California

This type of blind consists of wide vertical strips fixed on a rail. Its bands are optionally fabric, reinforced against discoloration, aluminum, PVC or wood. The opening of the blind and the orientation of the vertical strips is done through two separate manual systems. Usually installed in front of large windows, it can also be placed in front of small recessed windows. The California blind also has the ability to install on sloping sides to adapt to a particular configuration in the sub-slope.

Blinds: our shopping selection

Day-night blinds, blackout blinds, aluminum or wood venetian blinds, Californian blinds or boat blinds … discover our selection of blinds to find the one that best suits your interior decoration.

You do not like curtains or curtains but still want to protect you from outside eyes, opt for blinds. This alternative is ideal for your privacy is respected while bringing a decorative touch to your interior.

Which type of blind to choose?

The blind is no more than a simple element used to protect itself from curious eyes, it has become a decorative object in its own right. Today, it comes in a thousand and one formats, in a multitude of materials and colors to decorate your windows and adapt best to your interior decoration in every room of your home. Some models even allow fantasies of pose.

Whether roller, boat, vertical stripes, Venetian or Japanese, the blind has this property to modulate the light to create a more or less felted atmosphere depending on whether it is fabric, PVC, natural wood or lacquered.

The boat blind, the best known and probably the most sold, plays with a large number of materials to bring its refined touch. Combined with a pair of double curtains, he excels in elegance.

The Houston roller shade companies fabric is ideal to hide the light of a room but its fabric can also be lighter to decorate a living room window to which it will bring a modern.

The venetian blind has many materials, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Whether aluminum, PVC, wood or leather, it is best suited to tame the light thanks to its blade orientation system. Side pose, the venetian blind is the only model to allow some fantasies to be even more modern (you will discover in our selection).

The vertical blind has long been shunned for its grand image meeting rooms from the 70s. Nevertheless, today, it is regaining interest as a “modular partition” space. A good solution for small spaces.

The real big trend is the Japanese blind. These sliding panels are indeed popular for decorating large windows but also to divide a room in two while distilling a modern and sophisticated atmosphere.