In our life there are many reasons to give flowers: a birthday, a wedding, a memorable date, March 8, a romantic date, or just a sign of attention to a loved one. How to choose flowers that will fit, like the recipient and will stay with him for a long time, creating a cozy, pleasant atmosphere and just pleasing the eye?


Everyone knows that in order for the bouquet to stand for long, the asda flowers delivery in it must be fresh. But often sellers are trying to sell far stale, dying flowers. For this resort to the following steps.


  1. Pruning stems, tearing off dried or darkened petals.


  1. Carry away from the shop window and put in the fridge for a while.


  1. Add various chemicals.


  1. Gather in bouquets, winding each flower in bright paper or cellophane.


  1. In large compositions, consisting of a large number of flowers, add both fresh and fading flowers.


  1. Dyes and glitter are applied on the fading flowers.


In order not to be deceived and choose really good fresh flowers, you need to carefully examine the proposed product.


Signs of a nice fresh flower.


  1. A fresh flower bud is firm, smooth and resilient.


  1. The rim of the blooming flower has the correct shape.


  1. The flower must be whole, with no signs of detached outer petals.


  1. Petals – no dark spots or stripes.


  1. The stem cut should be light, not dry, without any extraneous odors.


  1. The flower should smell like a flower, that is, have a light fresh pleasant aroma.


  1. There should be no pollen on the stamens of fresh flowers.


  1. The leaves at the base of the bud should not be dry, folded or sagging.


  1. The leaves on the stem of the flower should be green, without brown spots.


  1. A good flower should not bend if you take it by the tip of the stem.


  1. Buds should not be tightened with rubber bands (typical for tulips), or wrapped with tape at the base (typical for gerberas).


  1. It is better not to take the open flower with a bud near the head, as the bud more actively draws water, depriving the flower of food.


Do not buy ready-made bouquets or baskets. It is better to spend a little more time, choose each flower on your own and ask them to make a bouquet with you. It should be remembered that bouquets for women and men have differences.

A bouquet for a woman can be absolutely any shape. When compiling it can be used all kinds of ribbons, bows, beads and other decorations. But you should take into account the age of the ladies. Young girls are more suited for flowers of pastel shades (white, pink, cream), and for ladies at the age elegant flowers of rich tones — burgundy, purple, cherry, etc. — are more suitable.

Bouquet for a manmust be strict triangular or pyramidal shape. As a rule, men’s bouquets are made up of flowers of one type in a single color range, although contrast is allowed. The bouquet for the stronger sex should be large, solid flowers.

Now let’s see what kind of bouquet will be the most suitable in the specifically selected case.

But on the anniversary would be appropriate large compositions or baskets. But it should be remembered that older people should not give very bright or very dark bouquets.

If you are invited to a wedding , choose flowers of light or white shades.

On a date, it is better to bring a small simple bunch or one large beautiful flower.


Such an event as the birth of a child, also not without flowers. If a boy is born, it is customary to give flowers of blue, blue or purple hue, if the girl is pink or red. In both cases, the bouquet should not be too big and bright.


At the housewarming is best to give the owners of indoor potted flower.

But most importantly, always choose and give flowers with love, joy and positive emotions. Then your flowers will definitely like and stand for a very long time, pleasantly reminding about you.


What to do with the presented flowers so that they stand longer?

When the flowers are already presented and brought home, it is unnecessary to put them in the bath to refresh them a little. Each flower has a layer of pollen that protects the plant from external environmental influences. If you immerse the flower in the water, the pollen is washed off and wilting begins faster.


The first thing to do is to unwrap the flowers from the package, carefully cut them two centimeters in a slant and cut off the excess lower leaves to open access to the water.


Then you need to take a clean vase . By “clean” is meant a vase, not just removed from the shelf, but previously washed in hot water. In the vase should be poured, again, clean drinking water.


Good to know :

  • – roses should be placed in cool water;
  • – tulips – in the cold with ice cubes;
  • – gerberas – in the warm;


– lilies – in cool water, and if the flower has already opened, we advise you to immediately tear off the brown stamens (if pollen gets on wet petals, the flowers will quickly wither);


– chrysanthemums and lilac is better to put in very hot water, while adding two more spoons of sugar and citric acid at the tip of the knife.


After three days you need to remove the flowers from the vase, rinse the stems under running water and cut, wash the vase, pour in fresh water. Subsequently, the algorithm of these actions is repeated.

It should be noted that the bouquet is better to put as much as possible in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight, batteries or other heating devices, as well as draft.

If you carry out these simple procedures each time, then the flowers will stay with you for about two weeks.