How To Choose Your Costume 4men? – Suits 4 Men

Before you go to the costume 4men department, on the first jackets and ties, follow these few tips that govern the look of the gentleman.

  1. The size of the jacket your shoulders should be barely molded and should not come out. Hands in the pockets, closed jacket, we must see clearly between your elbow and your waist. If you can slide the flat of a hand over your heart, on your forearm and under your armpit, it is that you have the necessary space. If an X-shaped giant fold forms on your belly, your jacket is too small.
  2. The cut the fashion is still short cuts. So choose a jacket that falls just below the sleeve length and before the birth of the thumb.
  3. Setbacks In recent years, setbacks tended to shrink (thank you Hedi Slimane 4men). But today fashion, because it is fashionable, makes a “U-turn” and decides to come back to a width worthy of types cut in V, like you (thank you Gucci and the pimps of hip-hop). GQ advises you to start 10 cm wide. It’s a good start.
  4. The Magic Equation To be sure of his stroke, it is better to match the width of his collar to that of his lapel as well as that of his tie. To break free from this rule will not offer you more style. Right now, you have to look wide. If you do not understand what it is, simply type Tom Ford in Google Images.
  5. Buttons your jacket has two buttons and not one more, because you do not want to look like a 1950’s fashion print. You’ll always close the top button, and only the top. Sitting, you can unbutton.
  6. The trousers the fashion is with the rather short trousers which breaks a minimum on the top of the shoes without never covering them. Choose it straight and tapered but never slim: it must touch the leg while leaving enough space to bend and allow the thigh to swell when sitting. Always pull on your pants when you sit down.
  7. The tie Make a simple tie knot (called “half-windsor”). It’s the best.
  8. The accessories the cover helps you to assert yourself, the watch to ride mechanics. Besides, your boss, envious, has already asked you where you found it.

Throughout the Cannes Festival, GQ slips you some tips to shine on the Croisette.

There is only that to do, it is a nightmare. Run the holidays as much as possible. Everyone has a plan, but everyone feeds the same queue. You will need to stay sober and show off wherever you go. In spite of a convincing personal style, we recommend that you wear clean pants (jeans or chinos of color) without a belt, a shirt ironed but ajar (put on long sleeves and buttoned collar, blue), as well as a jacket at your waist (it falls as low as your sleeve) and shoes with laces. Your suit 4men or tuxedo would have been of no help (a VIP never needs to justify himself at the entrance), it is true. On site, the bars of the area welcome all recalls, the atmosphere is serene and relaxed.