WEIGHT LOSS WITHOUT DIET – How To Lose Weight In A Week At Home

No … it’s not a utopia. To lose weight without diet, it is possible: still it is necessary to have good reflexes! Cosmo reviews tips, advice and tips to make your balance finally your best friend and to find a silhouette that suits you without going through the box regime.

By dint of seeing famished silhouettes truster the pages of your favorite magazines, TV ads or your favorite series, how to lose weight in a week at home  you have ended up developing a big complex like this: you are too round, too chubby, too much too that. And you dream of losing weight .

To do this, you triggered the Orsec plan: the scheme ! However, you feel that the rub … Your stomach cries famine, you get discouraged and you do not lose weight. Besides, it’s very simple, nothing but the word “diet” makes you bristle.

What you need is losing weight … without dieting. Good news: it’s possible. Yes ! We will not tell you about salad: you will still have to make some efforts .

But, with a good diet , good dietary rules and a little sport, you should be able to rebalance your body and lose weight without going through the diet box.

Lose weight without diet: basic dietary rules

To lose weight without diet, there are not 36 solutions: you have to adopt basic rules that will have a positive impact on your eating behavior and therefore on your weight. That is here :

  • Do not stand back
  • Limit cheese and starchy foods at night
  • Limit your ration of bread
  • Take (at last!) A real breakfast .
  • Do not nibble!
  • Forget the calories
  • Take care of your differences!
  • Drink in moderation …
  • … but drink!
  • Get moving!

Move to lose weight without dieting

When you want to how to lose weight in a week at home , there is no miracle: you have to support your dietary efforts with physical effort .

The top sports for weight loss are above all … those who will please you enough to practice at least once a week! Test several before choosing yours.

At the rank of effective sports to lose weight, think swimming, running, pilates, yoga … But also trapeze or bike!

And if the sport is not your hobby, think of walking more. With 10,000 steps a day, you will lose your extra pounds without realizing it.

Good gestures to lose weight without diet

Again, nothing completely incredible: to lose weight without how to lose weight in a week at home, you can also support your efforts by applying a slimming cream.

No, slimming creams do not lose 10 cm of thigh in one night … However, applying them with a massage will definitely have a positive impact on your figure.

For more results, massage morning and evening … yes, it is binding, but we have nothing for nothing!

Learn how to take care of your body to lose weight without (too much) effort.

  1. We take the time to eat: a smart advice to lose weight

Even if you are satiating.. So sit comfortably, calm around, and try to put your fork between each bite even if you have fangs! Chew slowly, enjoy the food, and you’ll see, your digestion will be facilitated and your rations will decrease.

  1. To lose weight without dieting, we practice smart nibbling

“I have a hollow! How many times a day do you repeat this sentence between two meals? Nibbling is the number one enemy of your how to lose weight in a week at home Often, if your menus are complete, these little cravings for sugar are due to a psychological appeal rather than a real need for food. If you really can not hold yourself back