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How To Make Your Baby Look Unique And Charming On Special Occasions?

Getting your kid ready for an occasion can sometimes be a tough task. Plus you get anxious sometimes if you have chosen the right outfit for them or not and if people are going to like it or not. As complex as the task might seem, honestly ask any parent and they will tell you how much they enjoy shopping for their kid.

Girls, in my opinion, are mostly easier to shop for than boys. Little skirts and classic outfits can make any parent smile with joy. Anywhere you go or search on a store you will easily find a ton of clothes for girls.

For boys, it is a bit harder to select clothes, on a more formal occasion suits goes well, for that you need to think about it and then choose the right colors. However, this should not put you down or make you lazy on the subject there are plenty of things for buys in the market too.

What special occasions might be?

There can be many different occasions where you might have to dress your kid up in a special outfit such as:


Weddings are a really formal occasion. You can’t take your kid there wearing PJ’s, although nobody will point you out or ask you why but if you’re sane you won’t do it in the first place. If your baby girl is going to be the flower girl or ring bearer there is a wide variety of outfits available in the stores and online even, you can check out if you’re interested.

If you are in the wedding you can get a custom suit made for your baby using the same material as yours.

Other occasions:

There are many other occasions where you can dress your baby a little more special such as:

  • Halloween
  • Church
  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Buying an outfit

Now, most of you who are reading this article I am sure are buying clothes within a budget. Not everyone’s born a savage millionaire who will just go on buying everything out of the store but rather have to check and buy wisely.

If you can wait it’s better to shop closer to the holidays like a week or so before the holiday because 90 percent of the stores on that time have sales, this will save you a lot.


Like I said it’s easy to buy girls clothes. You can just go in a store they will have tons of capris and skirts or more of the classic comic outfits. You name it I am sure at least one out of 10 stores will surely have what you are looking for also remember to select an outfit according to the occasion. Take for instance on a wedding it’s obvious to make your kid wear something formal but in a comic con event, you can go with more fancy cartoon style outfits.


Admittedly this can be harder but it isn’t impossible. Just go according to with the occasion and I think you will be all good.