How to remove Facial Wrinkles – Home And Salon Care

How to get rid of facial wrinkles? What tools can be used at home? Are there really effective and affordable methods that will suit every woman? Should I resort to salon procedures or just enough proper home care? Features of the fight against wrinkles after thirty years. In fact, the mark of 30 years is quite conditional. The first wrinkles can appear on the skin by the age of twenty-five. An unpleasant role in this process is played by genetics, providing a tendency to early aging, and skin type. Plus, the formation of wrinkles occurs in different ways on different parts of the face. And this is important to consider.

Causes of facial wrinkles

In 2009, British scientists published the results of research on how skin type affects the intensity of aging. They found that the owners of the dry type of the epidermis, this process proceeds more actively. If, at the age of twenty-eight, the girls already have visible first wrinkles on their face, then with high probability we can assume that in eight years the number of wrinkles will increase by fifty two percent. The results of studies published in the British weekly British Journal of Dermatology could be considered a sentence for owners of dry skin, if not for one “but”. In the publication, scientists indicated that with appropriate care, the intensity of wrinkling on the skin decreases. So for women who care for their face at home, over eight years the number of wrinkles increased by only twenty-two percent. These data allowed scientists to conclude that home care helps keep skin young and reduces the intensity of wrinkles.

But wrinkles are not of the same type. They are formed on different parts of the skin of the face and do not look the same. Their localization depends on a number of factors.


The very first on the face of mimic wrinkles. Usually they look like deep skin folds on the forehead or between the eyebrows. The habitual movements of the muscles of the face, which we perform daily, lead to their appearance. The habit of scowling forehead forms one or two longitudinal folds in the frontal lobe. The habit of pursing the lips creates multiple folds around them. “Wrinkles of the proud” appear between the eyebrows and pass through clear vertical lines.

To smooth out wrinkles on the face, resulting from facial movements, it is important, first of all, to change habits. Since no means will not help if you will consistently continue to deform the skin with familiar facial expressions.

Body condition

It is a major factor in the aging of the epidermis or, on the contrary, the long preservation of youth. The skin is not just a layer of cells on our body. It is a living organism in which the processes of regeneration take place, which is in close relationship with the general condition of the body.

Her condition is affected by hormonal background, which changes with age in women. It is proved that during the onset of menopause and a decrease in the production of female sex hormones estrogen, the skin ages rapidly, facial flabbiness manifests itself. During illness, the epidermis does not look the best way, as it often suffers from dehydration.

Therefore, in the question of how to remove wrinkles on the face, cosmetologists recommend paying attention not only to the external signs of aging. This process starts inside, occurs in the body as a whole.

To keep the body and skin youthful for longer, it is important to monitor your own health. The body needs proper rest, sufficient drinking regime – at least one and a half liters of fluid per day. It is important the health of the endocrine and nervous systems, the absence of stress, to which the epidermis responds with loss of tone, increased sensitivity.


The skin is a multi-layered organ. The thickness of its outer layer is only 0.2 mm. beneath it lies the dermis, and under it – the subcutaneous fatty tissue. That is, the structure of this body is quite voluminous, and the forces of gravity or gravity act on it, like all life on our planet. Under the action of these forces, natural ptosis begins to occur with age – the prolapse of tissues.

Up to twenty-five years, the elastic structure of the dermis and the high turgor of the epidermis protect against its pronounced manifestations. At this age, the face resembles a triangle with its sharp top down, or “the triangle of youth”. As it grows old, the triangle turns downwards with the base: the tissues descend, the cheeks become loose, marked nasolabial folds form, and the corners of the mouth go down.

This process has nothing to do with the state of the epidermis – the external skin. Arising wrinkles, which due to tissue ptosis usually appear after 45 years, can only be removed by acting on the underlying structures: the dermis, the subcutaneous tissue.

Due to ptosis, skin folds are observed after weight loss: the volume of fiber decreases, and the skin literally sags. The possibilities of external correction at home are limited. Care and lack thereof

The early appearance of wrinkles can be blamed for genetics and dry skin. But as practice shows, with sufficient daily care of the face and also use vitamin c face serum, their formation occurs much slower than in the absence of attention to themselves.

Care at a young age is the regular cleansing and toning of the epidermis. Since twenty years, it is important to moisturize the skin daily.