How to use the free Spotify or pay with a premium US card

Today it became known that the company Spotify decided not to enter the US market with the same name streaming music service. This means that users no longer need to rely on the possibility of convenient purchase of premium or unlimited use of a free account in exchange for periodic listening to ads. But why is Spotify so attractive that people constantly invent ways to gain access, despite the presence of Yandex. Music, Google Play, Deezer and other services? The point here is not the sweetness of the forbidden fruit. The developers of Spotify have proven in practice that they are able to make a truly cool music service, combining the advantages of competitors and leveling their shortcomings.

Spotify includes mobile and desktop clients for all platforms, personalized radio, music selections, recommendations based on the user’s taste, lists of interesting new releases, various tops, and editorial playlists depending on the time of day. In addition, Spotify has an offline mode and the choice of sound quality depending on the availability of high-speed network connectivity, embedded applications with additional music content, as well as integration with iTunes and the local music library on the user’s computer. In the end, it turns out that in terms of functionality and recommendation capabilities for finding new music, Spotify is far superior to its competitors. It is no wonder that the advanced listeners of music so much want to get an account.

We told about how to start a free Spotify account in US as early as December 2012. Nevertheless, it would not be superfluous to repeat it again, and most importantly, to add information not only about the free account but also about the way of buying premium. The latter allows you to get rid of advertising, access to high-quality audio, offline mode and other pleasant trifles. So, the first thing you need to pretend to be a resident of one of the countries where Spotify officially works. Virtually any VPN service is perfect for this. Mac owners can use Cloak, TunnelBear or SpotfluxFor Windows and even mobile devices there are separate sets of software. As a rule, free ones are not very different from each other, so you can choose almost any. Slightly more advanced users who are familiar with the DNS setup can use the Portaller service and report false data about their location to only selected services: Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, Rdio, and Amazon Instant Video.

So, immediately after registering your account using location data spoofing, you can turn off VPN and continue using your free Spotify account for two weeks. After this period, the service will declare the need to return to the “homeland”, which is solved by launching the application once with the VPN turned on. Owners of mobile devices should pay attention to one more thing: you can Download Spotify++ application in the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store only from stores in countries where the service officially operates.

If a free account is not enough, there are three ways to get Spotify to accept a US bank card. We will not consider the option of using the services of intermediaries selling promotional codes – they have too high margins and there is a chance to run into fraud.

1. To purchase a Spotify premium account, you need to change the country in your account settings. When choosing Latvia and specifying the data of a US bank card, the payment will be successful, but you need to understand that each month you will have to part with 6.99 euros. With the current course of some, this may seem too expensive, so we offer the second method.

. The cheapest Spotify account in the world is Malaysian. By happy coincidence, you can also attach a US bank card to it and pay only a couple of dollars a month. The only problem is that the music catalog will be slightly poorer due to regional restrictions.

3. The third way is the most troublesome, but it will be useful to those who would like to use the American premium account Spotify. To do this, you need to register a US PayPal account and link a bank card to it. In the Spotify account payment methods, respectively, you need to select a payment using PayPal, not a bank card. In this case, it is worth bearing in mind the probability of blocking the account due to the incompatibility of the selected country and the billing address.