Ideal subscribers on Instagram

Naturally, you cannot directly ask your competitors: “How did you manage to increase the number of subscribers to Instagram?” You will have to rely on your own knowledge and skills.


The ideal subscriber is an active, responsive and sympathetic person. He will always look forward to your next photo, trying to be the first to like or comment on it. Be sincere and honest with them and try to do everything possible to keep them if you are really interested in this.


In fact, anyone who wants to know the secret, how to get more subscribers on Instagram, exactly dreams of at least 4 ideal actions of potential subscribers.

Four steps for the perfect subscriber:

  • Following me
  • Like my photos
  • Comments on my posts
  • Purchases my products

Thus, defining your goals and ambitions is a good start before you create or optimize your profile.


Important steps to post a photo:

Choose a suitable Instagram name that will be easy to learn and remember. With this name you can tell who you are and what your ambitions are for your potential subscribers. Feel free to use your nickname or made-up name – it is not so important, because your main goal is to get as many subscribers as possible.

Create a biography. Even if you represent a brand, it will make people feel that they know you and want Instagram free followers.


Upload your first photo (let it be a selfie). It can be fun and not carry much meaning, it just has to be a sincere act of you and show the face of your brand.

Do research and evaluate your competitors . Choose the most interesting profiles in Instagram as a good example. And finally, just ask your friends and colleagues from related fields to answer the question: “How do you get more Instagram subscribers?”

After you have created and optimized your profile, it’s time to publish your first photos and find out how to really get Instagram-subscribers. So let’s see how to become popular on Instagram, tell stories using photos, and how to make your profile more attractive.


Before posting any images or information, create a portfolio. It is no secret that no one will subscribe to an unattractive and empty profile. 10-20 attractive photos will be enough for a good start and will help add Instagram-subscribers.


If you really want to know how to make it so that there are many subscribers on Instagram, be sure that the main rule is not to post anything rather than post low quality or boring photos.


And it doesn’t matter at all what business you have or what your personal goals are – the photos should be thoroughly thought out. Elements such as composition, colors and shades, the location of each of the parts should be taken into account.


If this is appropriate, add some abstract photos that may be of interest to Instagram users. Colorful sunsets and mountain chains, cats and children’s fun (even if they are not applicable to your business) will certainly help you quickly understand how to get the attention of more Instagram subscribers. Such photos are really popular on Instagram.