In order to promote the page,

you must have unique content. Not. Very cool if you can regularly create new unique content, if you are a creative person, if you know how to joke so that your target audience understands your jokes, and if you are a big expert in the subject of the page. But if you do not have these qualities, you should not be stopped. Internet is full of information. The Internet does not need to generate new information. It is important that you collect useful information for users in one place. They will be more than grateful if you make a search for them and collect all the most useful, interesting and funny in the sphere of their interests.


Buy Facebook page likes can be promoted for free. Yes, you can, but it will take years. In the first few months, we spent no more than $ 150 per month to promote posts. And now let’s calculate how much to spend on “free” promotion. The salary of an SMM specialist will cost approximately $ 20 per hour in America. You can hire a Filipino for $ 300 per month. I don’t know how much the work of an SMM specialist costs in Russian-speaking countries, but I don’t think it is less than $ 150 a month. Free promotion involves an endless spam in other groups, creating a fake web accounts and an invitation to have people on your page that will give you the minimum result even close to what gives paid promotion posts. Contests are unlikely to give a good effect if your prize is not expensive, and if it is not advertised. Facebook has done everything to ensure that pages are not shown to people if you do not pay for them. When you are a completely new page, it shows your posts to 1% of your subscribers. That is, out of 100 subscribers, only one person will see your post. And if he doesn’t like him or interact with him, he won’t see the next post. You can try to save on promotion as much as you like, but it is definitely better to follow the rules of buy facebook page likes and invest at the beginning. This will help to grow a quality page with the maximum target audience. Now, a year later, we are not promoting posts at all. We stopped doing this a few months ago. We only promote advertising posts. That bring us profit. For the year, the page has recouped all the investments of the first months and brings a regular income.