Instructions For Decorating The Motorcycle Jacket

So you bought new leather motorbike jackets, and you desire to make them seem like real motorbike rider jackets? There are a lot of things you can carry out to beautify the jacket to confer it a more typical biker look. Here are a few great ideas.

When you buy the jacket, you will notice that there are a lot of diverse potential parts where new things can be appended. The sleeves are an excellent place for ornamental things, the rear panel is an even better place, and you will perceive that there is an abundance of room on the facade as well. Flat parts on your jacket where there are no seams, hardware, or other impediments are the ideal areas for various decorative things.

Once you have recognized the parts of the motorbike jacket that is perfect for alteration, then all you need to carry out is pick what you are going to put there. Here are some excellent ideas.

Motorbike Club Logo:

Are you part of a motorbike club? If so, and if the club has some symbol, then it would make the ideal ornamental addition to the jacket. You can have a big patch made up of the logo and have it stitched on to the back of the biker jacket, or anyplace else that it goes well for that matter. Attaching a motorbike club symbol to a biker jacket is, in fact, a pretty well-liked thing to do because it assists to show dedication and unity to a particular cause. It is one method of showing how bikers stay together and stay faithful to each other.

Biker Patches:

If you are not a part of a motorbike club and do not have a symbol that you can transform into a patch, then you can always opt to utilize any patch for the jacket. You can buy patches with a lot of diverse kinds of decorations from iron crosses to eagles to semi-trucks. You can even purchase a patch that has a John Deere tractor on it. You can also create custom patches of your own and have then attached to your jacket. The point is, if you have a notion for the ideal patch for the jacket, then odds are you will be capable of finding something like that or at least have it customized one for you.


You can also adorn the motorbike jacket by having custom embellishment work completed on it. You can sketch out your beautiful design, take a design from the net, or locate a design from anyplace else and have it stitched into the jacket in any part you like. Embellishing designs into the jacket can assist to append character, color, and exclusivity to the motorbike jacket.

You can also use your custom embroidered patches to adorn your jeans and shirts to look cool and fashionable. And also they can be used to promote and advertise your business. So, whatever cause you use them for, they always come handy.