Insurance for Travel To Montenegro

Montenegro is a small, but very picturesque and hospitable country in south-eastern Europe. The climate here is great for year-round recreation. Air temperature in summer rarely rises no higher than +29 ° С, and in winter on the coast does not fall below +11 ° С. The swimming season in Montenegro opens already in April and lasts until October, despite the fact that the water in the Adriatic Sea is colder than in the Black or Mediterranean. US tourists have almost no acclimatization here. In winter, this amazing country invites guests to modern ski resorts. In December, in the mountains, the air temperature remains at a comfortable level of -6 … -9 ° С, stable snow cover is formed. Going on a tour of Montenegro, do not forget to visit the unique national reserves and tiny inhabited islands with cozy hotels.

Traveling to Rafailovici, Becici, Budva and any other city on the Adriatic Sea is an excellent option for a long summer vacation, as well as for a pleasure weekend tour. The main thing, do not forget to get medical insurance for travel to Montenegro. The policy will help keep your budget in unforeseen circumstances.

Do I need insurance in Montenegro for the USs?

US tourists enjoy the right to visa-free visits to the country for up to 30 days. To cross the border, you need only a valid passport. The validity of the document should expire no earlier than 90 days after returning to Russia. The presence of the policy is not a prerequisite for obtaining a visa. It is not necessary to arrange insurance in Montenegro, but it is highly desirable, as well as for trips to all other countries of the world.

Why do you need insurance in Montenegro?

Even experienced tourists are not protected from accidental poisoning by specific Montenegrin food, from intestinal disorders associated with changes in water quality, from local infections. In case of illness or injury, foreign citizens can receive medical care in clinics only on a paid basis. The quality of medical care in Montenegro is high, as are the prices for it. Payment for consultations with a doctor and outpatient treatment can repeatedly exceed all expenses for vacation. Should I talk about acute conditions such as appendicitis?

Protect the tourist from major expenses and ensure timely receipt of medical care abroad can only insurance. Even extended insurance programs are much cheaper than treatment at their own expense. The current legislation of the US Federation enshrines the obligation of tourists to independently insure the main medical risks for traveling abroad.

Requirements for insurance in Montenegro

  • Insurance for travel abroad must meet the basic international requirements:
  • Cover the entire period of travel, including the date of arrival and departure;
  • Ensure payment of bills for emergency medical care and transportation;

Cover expenses in the amount of at least 2,000,000 rubles. in equivalent currency.

What risks will insurance cover in Montenegro?

The basic insurance program provides reimbursement of expenses for the following items:

  • Emergency dentistry, for example in case of injury;
  • Outpatient treatment of diseases;
  • Transportation to the clinic and hospitalization with life threatening;
  • The return of tourists to Russia for medical reasons;
  • Repatriation of the body in tragic circumstances.

More information about travel insurance in Montenegro can be found in the contract and in the Insurance Regulations. Pay attention to the list of insurance claims and current restrictions. For example, compensation will be denied if a tourist was injured while intoxicated, violated safety requirements, etc. If you are planning a long vacation, a trip with your family, or an active holiday, we recommend extending the contract with appropriate options.

Additional risks for insurance in Montenegro?

Sport and outdoor activities. An important option for those who do not wish to limit their rest walks around the hotel. Add the risk of “skiing” if the vacation program includes a visit to organized trails. Choose individual types of outdoor activities or the sport option to compensate for the cost of treating sports injuries

Can’t drive. Medical insurance in Montenegro compensates for the cost of tickets and paid vouchers under the insurance coverage, if the tourist had to postpone the trip or refuse it due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, participation in court, a sudden illness of the insured person or his close relative relate to the list of insurance claims.

Civil liability. Riding a bicycle, skiing, you can accidentally injure another person or inadvertently damage someone else’s property. Abroad in unusual circumstances such situations are not rare. Risk insurance “Civil liability” will allow to compensate damage to victims by a court decision at the expense of the insurance company.

Loss of baggage and documents. For the flight to Montenegro, tourists have to take their belongings in the luggage. If identity documents and suitcases are lost or delayed in transit due to the carrier’s fault, the tourist will receive monetary compensation. You can choose the maximum amount of payments yourself when applying for insurance to travel to Montenegro.

How much is insurance?

The cost of the policy is calculated individually for each tourist. Price depends on the following factors:

The duration of the trip. Payment is calculated by day. Do not forget that the policy must overlap the date of crossing the border;

Risk filling. Travel insurance is cheaper in basic content. Adding options increases the cost. Do not save on additional risks that correspond to the goals of your trip. Treatment of injury at a ski resort is several times more expensive than extended insurance;

Insurance coverage. Insurance for tourism must cover expenses in the amount of at least 2,000,000 rubles. This figure sets the limit of liability of the insurance company. In the case of prolonged rest, extreme travel, holidays with children, it is recommended to increase the limit to 50,000 or up to 100,000. E.

Where to buy insurance in Montenegro?

You can apply for an insurance policy for traveling abroad online on the Bupa-Medical website. It offers convenient services through which you can buy insurance in just a few minutes without visiting the office. For this:

  • Specify the type of insurance (single or multiple) and enter the date of entry / exit;
  • Indicate the date of birth of the insured person;
  • Add the option “Sport” if you plan an active rest;
  • Click “Calculate Cost” and the price will be determined automatically;
  • Choose one of the insurance programs or add individual risks to the insurance;
  • Specify contact details;
  • Pay the policy in a convenient way;
  • Print the document that will come to your e-mail.