Learn the ‘secret’ to card magic

You all must have seen a deck of cards right? Might have played a lot of games with those cards, Well, a deck of cards is used for more than just games, you might have watched a lot of movies or seen live where a man standing picks a volunteer from the crowd and asks him or her to ‘pick a card, any card’ and then he does these various gestures with his hands and fingers to make the card disappear or appear anywhere else or he reveals it without even knowing what card you might have picked. You stand their star-struck as to what you just witnessed. You witnessed ‘magic’!!!

Card manipulation or card tricks is an illusion, an art created using various hand techniques that play with cards to making you believe you have seen the magic. Playing with cards became increasingly popular in the fourteenth century; magicians began picking these cards to demonstrate various sleight of hand due to their ready availability. The hand gestures and skilled finger movement is used in an extremely sophisticated manner which is not identifiable by the audience, however, in order to learn card tricks, years and years of practice is required to master the technique.

The trick isn’t difficult when the curtain is raised and you are exposed to the ‘secret’ of the trick or illusion. You can easily learn card tricks as a beginner; one of them is explained for you in this article:


Learn the four appearing aces trick:


Step 1

This is something you need to do before the curtain is raised for your audience to see. Pick out the 4 aces from your respective card deck and pile them together. Put these four aces together on the top of your pile of the cards. Always remember the secret to an amazing card trick is being natural and confident as to what you are doing.

Step 2

Now, the curtains have raised and your audience is watching. What you do is that you split the deck into four separate piles (Facedown), making sure the 4 aces are in one separate pile that only you know. Distribute the pile and make sure the 4 aces are the last pile you shuffle. Keep talking to the audience to distract them. That’s a true quality of magician! Always distract and misdirect!

Step 3

Begin shuffling the cards pile by pile, however, remember to shuffle the pile with aces last. Remember that you need three different cards above the four aces for you to pull off this trick flawlessly.


Step 4

Now, this is the tricky part. You need to ‘shuffle’ and place the 3 ace cards at the bottom of the deck. What it actually means is that you have bought the aces back on the top without your audience suspecting anything. When you shuffle them on top, the first card of each pile will be an ace.

Step 5

Reveal the four aces of each pile to your audience. Your audience will definitely be amazed. You will get better with constant practice. Then you can also allow your audience to shuffle cards for you as well.