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We are developing a creative online communication strategy with you that will help you position your position on the Internet. This strategy involves designing your website, its image and its features. But also by the actions of communication carried out all around in order to drain a flow of qualified visitors.

 Full range of sites

Luxury Concept offers a full range of top mobile websites website, institutional website, catalog site, online sales site / e-commerce, event website, association website, community website, …

Luxury Concept realizes personalized and fully operational websites for you. Our commitment is to bring you the best possible service, a speed of realization and the best prices of the market.

For each type of site, we can help you in the design of your specifications and define the functional and technical specifications for your website.

Web & Responsive Web Design Applications

Specialized in Interface Design, I create Responsive Web Design websites for all mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets). I am also involved in interface design and interactivity of native IOS or Android applications, taking into account user experience issues.

Mobile design solutions

A responsive website

A Responsive Web Design site is to adapt the design and ergonomics of your website for mobile devices “on the fly” (the web address remains the same).

Web App”

“Web App” is a new version of your website dedicated to mobiles (redirection of mobile users to an address such as “”).

A “Native Application”

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Let’s talk about your project together … MAKE IT CREATIVE, it is above all a digital web agency Marseille of proximity, which encourages the work in synergy and which is not afraid to innovate in the creation of Internet site and solution on measure such as CRM, ERP, …! Suitable for all types of companies, both small and medium-sized businesses, independent professionals and self-entrepreneurs, our web creation offers meet all your needs and requirements in order to give your business a chance to prosper on the web, but also to increase your visibility thanks to SEO and your e-reputation using social networks

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As an expert in mobile interfaces and applications, the mission of the mobile web designer is to facilitate the use of mobile devices by users. Its role is to make all mobile top mobile websites practical, easy to use, efficient, fast and ergonomic. For this, it creates interfaces and mobile applications while taking into account the specificities of the support (screen size, operating systems of mobile terminals). The mobile web designer is also an artist since he designs and implements the graphics and sound elements of mobile top mobile websites. Finally, it ensures the speed of navigation on mobile applications taking into account the size of the web pages and ensures a high-performance website with optimal ergonomics.

Mobile web designer: the skills

Expert in the mobile web universe, the mobile web designer has extensive skills and knowledge in mobile design and programming language. He knows how to use tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator. Involved, creative and imaginative, the web mobile designer must demonstrate rigorous rigor and increased autonomy and responsibility.