Mortgages for Families With two Children in 2018 – Mortgage Services

In 2018, young families will be able to count on receiving social assistance and support from the state. In particular, will operate a special mortgage program that will enable parents of two children to purchase housing on credit at a reduced rate.

The applicants referred to in law

Starting in 2018, the mortgage at a reduced percentage (6 per annum) will be issued to those adults who have January to December 2022 born second or third child. Here it is also important that the property must be acquired in the new building – this was explicitly stated in the official terms of the program. Under this social event will fall and those families who have already taken out a loan for an apartment before, but did so at a higher rate. For the first, second and third child they will be allowed to spend refinance existing balance and continue to pay the debt at the rate of 6% per annum. All costs associated with the difference in the initially approved and later modified the amount, have promised to take power. The state will cover the money difference where it occurs.

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Important! If the birth of 2 children took place until 2018, the parents will not be eligible to participate in the mortgage program.

The conditions of the subsidy

The President of US Vladimir Putin has noticed that this form of social assistance is not characterized as indefinite – on the contrary, in the event will have its own, clearly limited for each individual family time frame..

So, if the parents celebrated the birth in the family of the second child, and then gave another little citizen during the first 3 relevant to the provision of state subsidies, the period of support will extend to the maximum possible 5 years. If the gain of the third face of Chad will occur at the time when the help of mortgage loan authorities will be completed, adults will be able to place it again on the same set at the legislative level, the period is 5 years.

Where to go

The relevant legal acts and amendments governing the receipt feasible to pay the mortgage for 2 children in 2018, still to be signed and included in existing official documents. The person responsible for overseeing the regulatory side of the issue (establishment of regulating orders, adjustments, etc.), became Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who heads the activities of the US Government. However, today it is precisely known that such a loan at 6% per annum will need to go to the Bank or AHML – Agency for housing mortgage lending. The list of organizations who agreed to cooperate with the government to stabilize the demographic situation and promoting growth of birth rate in the country, already compiled. Rather, its publication will coincide with the beginning of next year. To refer to other authorities the applicants will not be required. This will greatly simplify the lives of parents and saves their time. As in the program “Family car”, likewise, starting in 2018, for filing and documentation will meet the financial institution itself.

Other nice bonuses

The new program 2018 for the provision of mortgages for the birth of the second child is qualitatively ahead of its “predecessor”, prematurely terminating action next Jan (introduction planned for 2010-2020), the Federal complex social events of the Federal target program “Housing”, better known as “Young family”. This system involved the grant of subsidies for the purchase of housing only to those people whose age does not exceed 35 years as well as the repayment of state in the amount of not more than 30 or 35% (the last – at presence of the child) of the total cost of the apartment. Now the authorities have decided to move away from binding to age – continue to purchase real estate on credit can count on both young and mature people, because the main condition will be the presence of their children.

Positive changes in family policy

Preferential mortgage is only a part of a series of events that was established by the MPs to improve the lives of families and encouraging them to create offspring. The government realized that the key problem hindering people to build strong alliances with a large number of children is the poor quality of existing housing or insufficient total square footage. However, in addition to the introduction of subsidies, the Government drew attention to the shortfall in family budgets, and therefore further established the following types of assistance:.

New compensation and benefits for those who cannot earn more than 1.5 minimum subsistence level per one person. On firstborn children’s subsistence minimum is allocated from the Federal Treasury, second child of the parent capital..

The increase in the number of regions falling under the provision of monthly pension for the third child up to 3 years.

The extension of the program of the parent capital until December 2021. Continue parents also do not have to wait until the 3 birthday of their child to spend the money on education, because this will immediately after its birth.