Getting Preapproved For a Home Loan

Prequalifying for a mortgage with a mortgage lender benefits more buyers than it helps sellers or real estate agents. It can be the first step in finding out if you qualify for a home loan. It gives an idea of ​​the power of purchase and can determine if you need to work on credit, finance or other logistics. Sellers generally prefer Mortgage preapproval, which is a more in-depth analysis and a strong indicator of the buyer’s eligibility.

Making contact with mortgage specialists

You can pre-qualify for a home loan with a bank, credit union or mortgage company. You can usually choose between a direct lender, which makes the loans, or a mortgage broker, which acts as a single point of reference for several lending companies. Because prequalification does not necessarily require documented proof of your finances or credit, a telephone or office meeting with a mortgage specialist should suffice. Many lenders and brokers also allow you to Prequalifying for a mortgage.

Run numbers accurately

Your prequalification is only as good as the information you provide. Although lenders can pre-qualify you based on your perceived credit score, estimated income and debt load, it is best to access your credit report. With your credit score, monthly payments of debt and account information, such as defaults, recent bankruptcy or foreclosure filings in hand, lenders can provide a more accurate prequalification loan. These details, along with the raw job dates, the gross earnings and amounts you could have for a down payment, also help the lenders come up with the most accurate numbers.


What is a Prequalifying for a mortgage?

Mortgage Prequalification (also known as Mortgage preapproval) is primarily a meeting with a financial advisor or mortgage broker to establish your borrowing capacity. Using information such as your salary, assets and liabilities (debts), they will establish the maximum amount you can borrow to purchase a property.
Second, the professional you choose will prepare a simulation of mortgage payments and help you plan the costs of buying a home.
Finally, he will reserve a mortgage rate with a financial institution to protect you against any increase.
Mortgage prequalification, a benefit at the time of the offer to purchase
Once this meeting is over, you will be ready to begin your search to find the property of your dreams. Mortgage prequalification can be given to the owner-sellers at the same time as your offer to purchase. This gesture will demonstrate the seriousness of your approach.

Once the purchase offer is signed, the timelines for providing proof of financing can sometimes be tight. Having already obtained prequalification, you will have a great deal of work done! It will only be necessary to obtain the final approval of your loan and you will be ready to go to the notary.


Mortgage prequalification is used to establish your borrowing capacity, which is the amount that a financial institution would be willing to lend you for the purchase of your condo or home. It is also very useful in a property search process as it demonstrates your seriousness and your willingness to buy a condo or house from the seller. It is also generally required to submit an offer to purchase. Applying for Mortgage preapproval (another name for mortgage prequalification) allows you to freeze the interest rate, which protects you if an interest rate increase occurs shortly after your application.


Several solutions are available to you to obtain a loan. You can go through a private lender, a financial institution or a mortgage broker. A financial institution will only offer you its own mortgage products while a broker will shop for you with several lenders and will be able to offer you a better rate because the mortgage broker passes on the loan volume discount directly from the financial institution to his banner. to the client. That’s why you’ll find that rate differences can sometimes be significant. Take the test! You might be surprised!


As for many things in real estate (posting a property, signing an offer to buy, etc.) technology comes to facilitate things. There is even a mortgage agency that allows you to apply for mortgage prequalification online and in less than 5 minutes, using its online prequalification tool. You will need to answer a few questions about your personal situation, assets and financial liabilities, price of the house or condo you wish to purchase, etc. You will then get the different rates offered by twenty lenders, without this affecting your credit rating.


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