The Qualities

Learning music can develop many qualities that will of course be useful and necessary for its own musical development but not only.


Learning to play a musical instrument will take time. It is undeniable, it is wrong to say or to believe that the piano can be learned in 2 months. It will therefore be necessary to develop this ability to manage learning over time. Certainly, it will give results gradually and it will give courage to continue.


When we talk about music, self-confidence comes largely from the work we do. If it is regular and quality, the musician will acquire this confidence that will be useful in other areas.


Any learning, whatever it is, will bring its lot of good and bad news. The good are overall rewarded efforts, notable progress but the bad news is the discouragement or disappointment of having played badly, not being at the best of oneself during a public performance. It will be necessary to know how to manage this, to manage the failure. Again, it’s not unique to musicians, but music is a very personal art and any failure can sometimes look like a personal failure.


Every musician has to learn a certain number of notions and rules, not to mention of course notes. In music schools, after a few years of study, we quickly learn to play musicians without partition. The development of memory is part of the learning of music and we can remain amazed when we see “senior” pianists 70 years and older who have this opportunity, this memory, to play entire works.

Physical exercise

Music is an art but it is also sport. Not to mention the speed which is one of the performances of the musician, it is necessary to acquire a certain technique specific to each instrument. Whether it’s guitarists, pianists, violinists, accordionists …, each of these musicians is required to perform a physical performance. Think of the agility of the wrist for violinists or pianists, the weight of an accordion, the tendinites of the guitarist …. The many repetitive gestures, the technical difficulties that require elasticity in the fingers … The musicians must take care of their conditions, their hands …

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Respect for the rules

To learn music and play it is above all to respect it, so respect the composer. Discipline is therefore one of the qualities observed in musicians. Every musician has a freedom of expression, of play of course, but that comes after having studied the works in a strict way. The scores include for many many game indications, which have come over the centuries. Some did not hesitate to comment on almost every note. Every musician must respect these indications. This is why learning music theory , ie knowing all the rules to play well music is necessary and indispensable.

Beyond the indications left by the composer, the musician must simply respect the musical grammar, and first of all, the rhythm. It will be necessary to monitor the duration of the notes, the respect of the pulsation …

A musician is therefore bound to respect certain rules and this is again a very good lesson in general.