How to Find a Job in Less Than 30 Days

Finding jobs in Pakistan right now is a problem that we rarely want to confront. In fact, unlike in recent decades, getting a job does not simply depend on the ability to sell oneself or the degrees one has. However, it is not impossible; if you want to know everything about getting a job fast, follow these tips.

Tip # 1: Target the job you want

Contrary to what many people think, it is not by increasing the number of applications sent that you will increase your chances of getting a jobs in Pakistan. While it is obvious that you should not focus on one option, it is always better to know what type of job you want and apply exclusively for this type of job. This will allow you to highlight the specific skills you have in the specific area you are aiming for.

Tip # 2: Multiply search modes

Instead of consulting the most easily accessible job offers, such as those found in newspapers or on the most popular websites, try to diversify your search method for job offers.

One trick that works relatively well is to use its social network. Make sure to let people know that you are looking for a job, but above all, that you are more than competent for the position you are aiming for. Be careful try to target people around you who have an interesting social network; if your family members often want to help you at all costs, these are not always the most appropriate people.

Another possibility is to opt for spontaneous applications; if you know where you really want to work, it’s often worthwhile to apply even if you do not respond to a jobs in Pakistan offer. Your motivation and interest could quickly make the difference and convince a possible employer. Many employers do not publish their job offers even if they are looking for new workers.

Tip # 3: Rework your Curriculum Vitae

One of the best job guarantees is your Curriculum Vitae. Indeed, it is your asset to sell you and it will be essential in the decision to make you go to the next selection stage or not. It is therefore advisable to linger a little when you write your CV and adapt it perfectly to the position you are aiming for. Send fewer resumes, but send better resumes because it’s one of the best ways to quickly find a job that suits you and your job.

Tip # 4: Bet on the cover letter

The cover letter should not be overlooked when you want to find a job. It is your only opportunity to show your future employer how creative, dynamic, motivated and flexible you are. Just as for the resume taking a few minutes more to write it will save you a lot of time later.

Tip # 5: Dare to call or introduce yourself

Finally, one last piece of advice that pays off is to dare to take steps. Rather than wait patiently for an answer, dare pick up your phone or better, go to your future workplace to make sure your application has been received and enjoy, at the same time, to present you in the best light and so demonstrate to your future employer that you are the person he needs.