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the numerous famous person Ocean of Games
for the duration of playing the superstar Ocean of Games I got here throughout numerous spots that I got “stuck” and needed assist. It perhaps that I got misplaced, I got beat down or i was no longer able to resolve a puzzle. This isn’t always intended to be a stroll through however as an alternative a place you can come to. greater often than not if one character is stuck so is another. It additionally offers some suggestions to help you get installation consisting of schooling areas or early unlockables while trying no longer to present the game away. hold in thoughts anybody has their very own play fashion so those may additionally or won’t assist you and this will contain spoilers.

superstar Ocean of Games: first-rate area Odyssey / the primary Departure
Tip # 1: don’t input the abandoned mine interior Mt. Metorx till later in the sport. you’ll greater than probably be wiped out after which attempt to level up hoping to get some good stuff. this can eat up alot of time you may use to revel in the sport.

Tip # 2: purchase a pick out awl early on. you may equip it on a person no longer participating in battles so you can also nonetheless mine for ore.

big name Ocean of Games: the second one story / second Evolution

Tip # 1: when playing as Claude and ultimately able to have interaction in battles, level up simply outdoor Arlia. this is because you may lose his phaser gun whilst you strengthen the story inside the next town.

Tip # 2: when gambling as Rena, internal of the woodland of Symbols, once you fight the boss, however earlier than you change displays and meet with Claude and Celine, you can unequip Dias of all of his system. it’s a totally smart concept to provide Rena or Celine (when you have her) the thoughts Ring and equip the heavy armor on Claude after you go away Marze.

Tip # 3: Dias is hardcoded to be unbeatable within the area, do not grind just to beat him.

Tip # 4: it is viable to create the everlasting Sphere, arguably the maximum powerful weapon in the sport, before entering Eluria castle. it will take pretty a chunk of stage grinding in addition to amassing two Mithril.

Tip # four: If you obtain and keep Opera for the remainder of the story, you can teach her the circulate “restoration superstar,” if you want to heal your entire party for 5999 HP, over 50% of the HP cap. This lets in you to update Rena for more harm.

famous person Ocean of Games: till the stop of Time
Tip # 1: After arriving on forefront III be sure to very well explore the place around the get away pod. This place is very small. You have to be capable of get a map complete pretty quickly. make sure to run Fayt round the edges to raise your percent. once you get a little over ninety nine% you may receive a 1/144 scale Bunny. you can use the bunny for five% motion boom or you could sell it for 9000 Fol. 9000 Fol this early is a massive amount and could allow you to properly equip Fayt and Cliff as well as stock up on berries.

Tip # 2: don’t depend heavily at the identical characters. There could be times where recover maybe hard to return by way of and if your 2nd wing guys are susceptible you will be introuble. for example you’ll be too a ways in a dungeon, too susceptible to finish it, and too weak to get away.

Tip # three: item introduction makes this sport an awful lot less difficult. 1st, discover a recipe you can make profit on. this could up your Fol. 2d, the various games great items without a doubt are pretty in high priced. inside the workshop, the general idea is to have the characters who have enough skill and are proper to make a selected item collectively. You want to goal for 10% of the purchase value of an object to get it. for instance a sword that prices 2700 Fol to purchase you’ll be capable of make by way of having the Fol amount close to 270.

Tip # 4: as with every star Ocean of Games recreation being “off the wall” will affect your finishing. when you meet characters during the game you can get what sort of personality they’ve. instead of looking up a PA faq you could get their finishing by means of deciding on an answer that fits what they could choose.

megastar Ocean of Games: The closing desire
– Play the global version. not most effective are the unique jap voiceovers included, several matters were changed and delivered to the sport.

– birthday celebration SP can be used for elevating any person’s capabilities, as well as for recipe discovery throughout item creation. accordingly, early in the game while you continue to don’t have too many things to your mind, max out all 14 tiles of your Bonus Gauge with green tiles. you can do that in the first area proper after beating the boss – you also gain a 3rd party member in the course of this time. A complete green conflict Gauge gives +14 birthday celebration SP according to war, and it all fast adds up – but, don’t worry approximately “breaking” the sport: some abilties want actually ninety nine points consistent with degree, and at 10 tiers it truly is 891 points (count: ninety nine points instances 9 levelups, i.e. from degree 1 to 10). it is only for one talent, on one individual. Even if you went loopy like I did and maxed out all available abilties for the three characters and went on to hoard around 5k+ birthday celebration SP, you will still run out of celebration SP quickly.

– speaking about the Bonus Gauge, allocate round 5-6 tiles for red (+1% hp/mp healing) to allow you to without problems junk mail skills. The relaxation of your Bonus Gauge ought to be packed with green (+1 birthday celebration SP) tiles. Blue tiles (+10% exp) and yellow tiles (+10% fol) are low precedence and must be avoided as you can without a doubt seize up on exp and fol by means of grinding or via different exp/fol tricks.

– whilst grinding battles for some thing motives, letting your celebration get surprised can bring about a better in-conflict monster headcount depending on what you’re fighting. The drawbacks of your party being surprised is negligible in assessment, except you are underleveled in a place with stronger monsters.

– virtually placing foot within the Calnus will reset all harvest and mining points, you do no longer need to relaxation.

– Craft the Biorhythm Tester using IC as soon as you can and install it at the table in area’s room. whilst you load a store inside the Calnus, constantly take a look at the Biorhythm Tester – the “fortunes” it predicts is absolutely a mirrored image of the object drop charge success, and each man or woman receives his/her own person fortune. if you get quite a few terrible fortunes truely reload your save and pa over to the Biorhythm Tester to test once more. notice that you could simplest do one studying “in keeping with day”, although this “day” duration does no longer seem to be suffering from resting – the simplest manner to get another reading is to reload a saved sport. that is commonly no massive deal until you’re trying to hold your Bonus Gauge for a few motive, because, much like in the previous recreation SO3, your Bonus Gauge is emptied every time you reload a saved game.

– whilst the Colosseum will become to be had to you afterward upon attaining Roak, you need to truly spend a while there in case you’re grinding. The crew warfare rank #14 consists of 6 Scumbag Cowboys, who do not run away and supply your celebration 60k exp and 4k fol every time you kill them. they may be typically unkillable at this point, besides that the fact you acquired the Scumbag Slayer weapon from a sidequest in Tropp just before the Colosseum opened for enterprise. Equip it on facet and use him to slaughter the scumbags – recall to forged clear situation on your self when the scumbags cast Void on you, for the reason that Void seemingly nullifies unique weapon residences like 1hko scumbag slaying and now not just actively casted buffs. you can without difficulty stage your birthday celebration to 60+ at this point. check out the Colosseum article for extra pointers.