Ocean Of Games. Of All The Free PC Game Detailed

Ocean of Games is probably the most controversial and questionable sites around. The reason for this is due to the fact that many of the games on Ocean of Games are newer releases and have not been made available as freeware. While the site offers download links to many new releases, they most likely do not have the permission of original copyright holders to distribute freely.

ocean of games homepage lists the latest games that have been posted for download but then also includes genre-based categories and search functionality

 Reloaded Abandonia.

Reloaded provides is a free computer game site dedicated to remakes of classic/retro video games and community made freeware games. Layout and navigation of Reloaded are very nice with screenshots and descriptions of all games listed in its directory.

The site also offers information and links for many older retail games that have been seemingly “abandoned” by the original copyright holder.


 Steam powers a lot of games. Steam/screenshot

While many gamers think of Steam as the primary online gaming platform and store for purchasing PC games, they also offer hundreds free to play games. Some of these games may be free during an early access period where the ocean of games may still be in development, while others offer in-game micro-transactions where players can purchase various in-game skins or unlock certain features via small payments.

That being said a vast majority of the free to play PC games offered on Steam do not require any payment for access to the full functionality and gameplay.

With more than 500 games listed, there’s bound to be something for everyone, RTS games, Shooters, Multiplayer Shooters to name a few. Popular titles available through Steam free of charge are Dota 2, Team Fortress, Path of Exile and much more.

Take Game.

Take Game offers a solid list of games with about 440 games listed. The home page for Taking Game gives a brief introduction to the site and lists the top monthly games and latest addition. Take Game does not contain freeware games exclusively, included are shareware and some abandonware titles