Gift Idea Heart Stroke: The Photo Print On Canvas!

Family photo, little children, unforgettable moment of life such as a wedding, a birth, a baptism, … Magical moments engraved forever on the web is possible! In your Zôdio store, we offer you the impression of your photo on canvas and do it in front of you! Imagine the smile and the joy of reliving beautiful emotions just by looking at this painting. Not to hide anything at Christmas last, this is the gift that I chose to make to the grandparents of my children, and honestly for a mother, to see his grandchildren on this canvas, it’s worth more than all the treasures of the world . To make a canvas, just visit us with a photo on USB, memory card or CD We can do different effects such as black and white, sepia, monochrome :

Of course we do not leave you the canvas like this, we put it on its chassis

and in less than 20 minutes your canvas is ready! And to answer the questions that must burn your lips here are the formats and prices: 30 × 30: 24 € 90 30 × 40: 29 € 90 40 × 50: 34 € 90 50 × 50: 44 € 90 50 × 70: 59 € 90 50 × 100: 69 € 90 Fast and really affordable for all budgets. With Mother’s Day approaching, what could be more beautiful than offering her a memory engraved forever on a canvas! See you soon in your store Zôdio Caen Yannick.