HOW TO MAKE YOUR Ptcl Smart Tv App Standard TV

Some will say that time goes too fast “In my time the big televisions were integrated in a piece of furniture and we had to get up to change the channel. We even had to get up to switch modes (VHF for channels 1 to 13 and UHF for channels 14 and up). Now, in 2015, TVs are made ptcl smart tv app If you have not yet made the leap to this new technology, here are some suggestions that can turn your standard TV into a high-tech TV.

APPLE TV ($ 90)

This beautiful little box targets users of Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac …). It connects directly to an HDMI port, configures itself with Wi-Fi or a network cable and is equipped with an optical audio port so you can connect to an audio system (optional).

The Apple ptcl smart tv app comes with a remote control that makes this device completely independent. With the help of this one, you will have direct access to Netflix, YouTube, etc. ( complete list of applications ).

In addition, if you have an Apple device (mobile or Mac), you can send a mirror from your device to your TV. Indeed, you will be viewing the same screen on your Apple device as on your TV.


The Apple TV has a wired network connection to provide some versatility. Wi-Fi is sufficient for most videos, however, if you want to watch a high-quality 3D movie, the wired network connection will be necessary.

This unit has an optical audio port. This audio port will allow you to output sound through your audio amplifier and not through your projector if you are connected to a projector.

The remote control provides automatic access to applications without the need to use another Apple device.


The mirror screen only works with Apple devices.

The HDMI cable must be purchased separately.


This HDMI key plugs directly into the back of a TV. It does not require any HDMI cable. A USB cable can power everything. This cable can be connected to a TV (most TVs have USB ports) or to a wall outlet (wall jack included).


This inexpensive solution is ideal for owners of Android mobile devices (cell or tablet). It also works with Apple mobile devices, but with some restrictions.

This device does not have a remote control, it must absolutely be controlled by a mobile device (cell, tablet or computer with Chrome) ptcl smart tv app. The user must download the Chromecast app (available on Apple and Android) to configure the device.

Once set up, all your mobile devices will detect Chromecast and you’ll have access to Netflix, YouTube, and more. ( full list of applications )

When you’re on the same Wi-Fi as the Chromecast with your mobile device, this icon will appear in supported apps to send the image to your TV. There is also an extension for Google Chrome (on your PC) to send the screen of your computer to your TV. Here is the link to this extension.

Plus, like Apple TV, you can send a mirror image of your mobile device to your TV, but only with Android devices. This option is not available for Apple devices. Although there are applications such as AirPlay available on the App Store (Apple), nothing is, to this day, fully functional to have an exact replica of your iPhone on your TV screen.



Easily configurable with the Chromecast Cellular ptcl smart tv app Everything is included in the box for the complete connection


No wired network outlet only works with Wi-Fi

No optical plug, so the sound comes out of your TV / projector unless you connect your TV / projector to your audio amplifier

Only controllable with a mobile device

The mirror screen option does not work on Apple devices

ROKU ($ 60 OR $ 113)