Reasons That Make Costa Brava a Perfect Tourist Destination

Reasons That Make Costa Brava a Perfect Tourist Destination

Are you looking for an off-beat place in Europe to spend your most wanted vacation of the year? Consider Costa Brava! Actually, Europe is such a vast continent that it is quite difficult to pick a place for your luxurious holiday. But, if you book plush villas in Costa Brava, you can have a memorable vacation in Spain. Now, why should you consider this place for all? Actually, this is the best stretches of coast in Europe which bring the picturesque view to fill your boring life with lots of excitements. Whether you visit Costa Brava with family and kids or it is your honeymoon trip, it will give you lots of reasons to fall in love with the country. So, if you are planning to book tickets for Costa Brava, go through these good reasons first.

  1. Get along with the Wild Coastline

This is the most happening reason for visiting Costa Brava more than once. You may have seen the beautiful coastlines of California, Faroe Island or Croatia, but the dramatic impact you get from Costa Brava is unmatched to anything. The outstanding landscape, pounding surf, rocky island, cliffs- it’s impossible not to fall in love with Costa Brava. Don’t forget to take as many snaps as you can. To have the best coastal walk, you should visit Lloret de mar once.

  1. Be Amazed by the Gorgeous Beaches

Beaches are the hidden gems of Costa Brava. Until you reach there, you can’t imagine how beautiful they can be. You will find white soft sand beaches, best for family picnics and get together. Besides that, there are certain upscale beaches which are deserted also. If you are on honeymoon and looking for a beach where you can spend private time with your partner, you can find lots of them there. Want to experience the famous nude beaches in the world? Costa Brava really has those under its sleeve. Of all those gorgeous beaches, you can get the stunning ones in Tossa de Mar. it is a lovely town with lots of hidden coves too.

  1. Visit the Small Towns

While looking for the best places for sightseeing in Costa Brava, you should consider visiting the small towns here. Each has its own significance and is unique. As Costa Brava located at Catalano province of Spain in the border of France, the place is influenced by both the Spanish and French culture. The historical ruins, medieval influence, etc. have made these small towns absolutely amazing. For taking perfect photos, these towns are perfect. To grab the best experience, visit Besalu for few days.

  1. There Are Mountains Also

Costa Brava presents a complete tour package to you while you are here. From sandy beaches to beautiful towns, you can get here everything and now, you can visit the mountains also. Actually, there are foothills in the Pyrenees where you can find forest too. There are hiking trails where you can go on exploring the forest. You can also go for e-bike excursion with your friends in the woods. To have the best experience with e-bikes, visit Montseny as this is the best place to start exploring mountain region of Costa Brava. If you want you can go downhill also.

  1. Taste the Most Amazing Food

Being in a coastal town means you can get the most authentic seafood that may not be available elsewhere. As Costa Brava is located on the border of France and Spain, the cuisines are influenced by both of the countries. The variety you get here is awesome and the taste will charm your taste buds. Whether you go to the plush restaurants or enjoy foods from the beach shacks, Costa Brava will surprise you with every dish. Go for fresh seafood, Pan Catalan, lightly fried calamari, pate, risotto with spiny crabs and lot more. For dessert, you should try crema Catalana. And whatever you eat, you will get lots of tomatoes and jamons in every food.

  1. Stay at Luxurious Hotels

While you are visiting a place, you can get a better experience if your stay over there becomes exciting. In Costa Brava, you can find numerous hotels which are awesome for making your trip great. These hotels look great in designs and the rooms will blow your mind. On the other hand, you will get the best services there that will make you visit the place again and again.

  1. Visit the Sunrises at Costa Brava

Whether you are in Girona or in Besalu, you shouldn’t miss the sunrises in Costa Brava. If possible, you can stay at the beach during the time to get the most magnificent view of your life. When the vermillion sky watches its reflection in the ocean, it creates a magical atmosphere. Watch it with your partner hand in hand and have picture perfect memories.

So, these are the best reasons to visit Costa Brava. When you get bored with your regular life, and urban grayness make your eyes tired, you need to get away to have some exciting experience and fill your lung with fresh oxygen. If the foreign tour is your plan and wants to stay away from the crowd, there is no better place than Costa Brava. Pack your bags now and book tickets for flights. You should also know the best time to visit Costa Brava for having a great time and lifetime memories.