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Good afternoon, dear masters! I ask for your help. About a year ago, an incomprehensible noise appeared in my apartment. Looks like the sound of a washing machine (pump). The apartment is located in a panel house on the 3rd third floor, rooms – in line. The sound is clearly audible in the bathroom, in the kitchen (especially near the sink) and in the children’s room, which borders the kitchen. In the far room, the sound can be detected only by putting the ear to the wall. The sound is not constant, there are clear time limits for work – 12 minutes of work, 9 minutes of break and so constantly, all day and night.

Hearing it at night, the next day I turned to the housing office, but there, of course, they did not help me, because, in their opinion, it was not possible to hear the engineering equipment in the basement on the third floor, but the plumber checked the basement through casa view plumbing, said that everything is working properly and advised me to look for the reason in the apartments of my neighbors or in my head. Also, the plumber said that there is only one pump in the basement of the house while he is doing snap up sharp support against registered casa view plumbing, and it is located at the other end of the house; there are no pumps supporting the water pressure in the pipes and drainage pumps.

Of course, I went to the neighbors. On the first floor, the deaf grandmother does not hear anything, on the second floor a large family hears the sound of flowing water all the time, they don’t want to understand, they sleep in ear plugs, on the fourth floor no one lives, I did not go higher. But if you put your ear to the wall, which borders my bathroom, on the landing at the time when the pump is working, then you can hear it until about the 6th floor.

Also, when the water in the house is completely turned off, the sound is also turned off.

Please help me with advice – where and how to look for a sound source and what kind of equipment can work like that? Thank you all!

Please help, maybe someone had a similar problem and he found a way out.

The situation is as follows:

We drilled well. Found water at 37.5 meters. We drilled to 38. Crap, hang the pump Kid.

A day later, began to swing. At first, the water flowed normally, then it ended. Check-up to a depth of 36 meters in the pipe is sand, then half a meter of water.

As I understood after studying the forum, the mistake was that they used a vibration pump. He did not let the sand filter form outside the pipe, but simply drove the sand.

Is it possible to somehow clean the well by yourself? Does it make sense to buy a submersible pump that is resistant to sand (such as Aquarius) and pump them?

Please tell me if I am right in assessing the problem and how to improve the situation.

Finished making repairs in the apartment. He hung a gas column and turned it on to check how the water flows in the sink (the farthest point of the apartment). Almost immediately the mixer sieve was hammered with some reddish cotton – cleaned. Before installing the column, I let in water – it was clean and the pressure was good. I turn on the water again – the pressure is half (see somewhere remained and interferes with the flow). The column does not have enough pressure to turn on. He unscrewed the mixer and checked the pressure without it – also by 50%, respectively. Somewhere in the pipe sits a barrier. Before the sink pressure is excellent, and in the sink 50%. The pipe section is 1.5 meters with a 90grad angle. The pipes are sewn into the wall – I don’t know what to squeeze out or how to get the remains of garbage from the 20th polypropylene pipe. Can someone advise what?