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A tinted glazed window

The tinted glass window is a model that is particularly

On one side, we find the film, usually polyester, which is applied to the glazing. This can be fixed on the inner or outer side of it. It can be a window, a port e but also a bay window overlooking the outside. On the other hand, there is the glass that has been previously Residential Window Tinting. The coloring is then an integral part of the glass manufacturing process.

This type of window has a glazing that can be stained on demand. Specifically, the tinted window can darken and light up as needed. This is possible thanks to its liquid crystal film. When a need for intimacy is felt, simply turn off the device..

Ultimately, the choice of the specificities of a tinted glazed window depends on the objectives, preferences and budget of each.

Intend glass: the specificities of the film

The film is the most frequently chosen option for Residential Window Tinting glazing. The most commonly used model is the non-reflective film which can be colored or clear. The clear version has the same efficiency to protect from the sun but the interior of the house is visible from the outside. This must be taken into account at the time of the decision.

For its part, the reflective film or solar film contributes to the insulation of the interior to the extent that it does not filter the heat It is interesting to note that the film can contribute to the security of a home. There are fire models that have the ability to reduce the risk that the glass will break into pieces if a fire breaks out. They resist bursting for a few minutes.

With the online shade simulator Residential Window Tinting gives you the ability to evaluate the various hue options and make your choice of movies in the comfort of your own home.

Several other types of film are available in store such as Bronze, Endurance, blue film, red film, yellow film, Fader-type film (bottom of mirrored glass).

We use Sun-Grad ™ High Performance Metallic Solar Film, which has been on the market for over 35 years.

The tinted windows protect the occupants of your vehicle against heat and UV rays, but also against shards of glass during an impact. Ask our experts about the laws that govern the installation and modification of the color of car windows or truck.

The aluminum window, meanwhile, should know this year a relative stabilization of its sales in the tertiary sector, and this despite the accentuation of the decline in investments by the state and local communities the sector also relies on the important needs of HLM rehabilitation to ensure a part of its development. Waiting, it continues to make efforts to present a wide range of products that are suitable for all types of requests, both technically and aesthetically, while color products already account for more than 80% of sales. “Bathmat was in this respect a very good vintage,” said the delegate general of SNFA. It has been possible to see a wide variety of forms a

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Windows with low thermal emissivity, or allowing significant daylight.

A handicap: the fall in prices in 1997

Whatever the sector, competition between manufacturers continues to increase. Hence an increasing tension on prices. “In two years, our selling prices have dropped by about 15%,” says the President of the UFPVC. Today, they are stabilized and should start rising again in early 1998. If only to absorb part of the increase in commodity prices, after two years of decline. This catch-up could reach at least 5 points. According to INSEE, prices for wood windows fell by just one point in one year. While those of aluminum windows have remained at a “reasonable” level, according to Christian Wattle. However, both have suffered, in terms of commodities, the backlash of the rise in the dollar.