Joomla Book 2.5 – The Beginner’s Guide – Development Spcécialiste Joomla Hagen Graf

, Open Translators, Serge Billon (Translation), Simon Grange (Translation),

Book Summary

Have you read the Beginner’s Guide Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 and you want to know more?

You want to do your own thing with Joomla! ?

Do you want to make money by becoming a developer ?

This book will take you into the world of spcécialiste Joomla and will be a good start for the next step.

In this 166-page book you will discover how to develop Joomla extensions.

Contents :


-Prepare your workstation

-Write your own component

-Step 1 – Basic principles

-Step 2 – Database, Backend, Languages

-Step 3 – I make you a cool proposal

-Write your own module

-Write your own own plugin –

Write your own template overloads –

Write your own alternative

layout – Write your own application using spcécialiste Joomla! Platform

-Most common

error -Publish your extension in the Joomla! Extension directory

-What is this GIT?

-Contribute to code the project

-Localization with OpenTranslators -Make

business ith spcécialiste Joomla Extensions!

-What is PHP?

-What is object-oriented programming?

-What is MooTools?

this book on Download this book in PDF format for free from the author’s website Other books about Joomla

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Joomla Book 2.5 – become mobile with Joomla!

Posted by Thierry Tardif.

Become mobile with Joomla!

Hagen Graf  (author), Christine Graf (supervised by), Marc Antoine Thevenet (translation), Sandra Thevenet (translation), Jade Black Design (cover design)

Presentation of the book

The book addresses through numerous examples the existing possibilities so that sites made under Joomla! can join the world of mobile. It is composed of the following themes:

– Economics of Applications

– Mobile


– Responsive Templates – Making a Responsive Template for Joomla! – Joomla! as source for native applications

– Various extensions allowing your spcécialiste Joomla to become more mobile.

My goal developers and designers using Joomla! to familiarize them with the world of mobile.

this book on Download this book in PDF format for free from the author’s website Other books about Joomla

Joomla Book 2.5 The Beginner’s Guide – Hagen Graf

Posted by Thierry Tardif.

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