Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels In Older Men

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in males which is also responsible for maintaining muscle and bone mass in the body. Low counts of testosterone can result in low libido, diabetes, and lack of sexual desire. Testosterone levels in men starts showing significant decline in their 30’s. By the age of 50 the average drop of testosterone reaches 30-50%. This shows in decrease of sex drive, muscle mass, sperm count and weak bones. There are many natural ways by which we can maintain high levels of testosterone in older men. One of them is consuming foods that boosts T-counts naturally. A few of them are mentioned here:


Your body needs rich counts of amino acids which is present in abundant amounts in eggs. They are often termed as “The Perfect Protein”.  Eggs are high in nutrition value plus boasts high percentages of fatty acids which is good for testosterone production.


Coffee is an important beverage for men looking to boost their T-counts. It stimulates your nervous system and boosts energy levels. This in turns increases the testosterone counts especially in older men. Right amount of caffeine works as a stressbuster too.


Human body require good amount of saturated fats to produces many important hormones including Testosterone. Consuming Coconut is a good idea if you are willing to testosterone production. What Coconuts does is it reduces body weight which is an important cause of low testosterone counts.

Cheese & Yogurts

Yogurt is an important food for older men looking to boost their T-counts. Studies suggests pre-biotic and probiotics carry bacteria and living enzymes that is very helpful in testosterone production.

Blue Cheese contains a good quantity of healthy bacteria and enzymes that boosts testosterone count in human body. Also, it possesses vitamins like K2 and saturated fats.


As per researchers at Texas College, watermelons have an amino corrosive called citrulline that can be changed over to arginine in the body. Over the long haul, there is helped blood stream and thus expanded levels of testosterone from creation locales.



In as much as this fragrant herb does not contain the vital supplements to deliver testosterone, it has allicin, an aggravate that brings down the levels of cortisol in your body. With your cortisol levels brought down, your body would more be able to adequately and productively utilize the testosterone that is delivered.


Wild salmon

They not just contain abnormal amounts of magnesium, vitamin b and omega 3 for solid testosterone creation, yet additionally bring down the levels off the sex hormone restricting globulin that is known to contradict the generation of testosterone.


To Conclude –

Decline of hormones is a natural process which occurs with aging. But there are various ways in which it can be taken care of. Some are natural and some are not. But nothing beats methods which are organic and thus carry no harmful side-effects. Consuming healthy foods that produces testosterone is one such way. Changing lifestyle habits is other one. You can read more about hormone boosting ideas on