The strongest windows of the world, spring-spring, flowers and debenhams flowers!

Flowers are an endless source of inspiration for designers who are engaged in window dressing. In the windows of shops, flowers can be represented as the main element of decor, a spectacular display for a product, and sometimes they become a real work of art – a wonderful flower from a fairy tale.

In the spring, designers seem to be trying to outrun their competitors in the “workshop”, using the brightest and juicy shades in their window dressing. In this feast of colors flowers, of course, become the very element that gives the design a playful look. At the same time, flowers are unconsciously perceived as a symbol of femininity and youth, and therefore, absolutely precisely, will attract the attention of customers.

In whatever form the flowers in the shop windows are not used, such compositions will always look fresh and relevant – trends and fashion inevitably become a thing of the past, and only debenhams flowers continue to delight us with their flowering year after year.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Milan

The March showcases of Salvatore Ferragamo fully embody the spirit of spring, as well as the elegant and not boring style of the fashion house. Three-dimensional flowers (an important element of the new collection of the brand), made in a bright rich range, and artistic brush strokes on a white background of shop windows, together create a real work of art that not only attracts all the attention to itself, but also gives a cheerful and spring mood to people who walking through the streets of Milan.

Kate Spade New York, Tokyo

Showcases of the Tokyo boutique Kate Spade New York with their design exactly repeat the plot of the advertising campaign of the brand, shot on the streets of New York. However, when designing windows, designers chose to add flowers that so beautifully adorned the lanterns – the main elements that set a certain geometric rhythm of the entire composition.

Debenhams, London

The showcases of Debenhams department store, created especially for Mother’s Day, are decorated with giant roses. Buds and leaves look very natural and seem to float in the air, and only thin neon lamps put the whole composition together. From a distance, the showcases remind of giant spring postcards, whose recipients are all spectators, and especially the ladies’ part of the audience.