Professional Depreciable Loan – Rural Development Loan

What is the professional depreciable loan?

The professional depreciable loan consists of progressively repaying, throughout the loan, borrowing interest and capital. The professional depreciable loan may be at constant maturity, ie each term is identical throughout the credit and includes, usda financing  as the loan progresses, a declining share of interest and a capital repayment portion that increases.

. The professional depreciable loan may also have a declining maturity. This corresponds to the fact that the maturity includes a constant repayment of capital, the interest being calculated on the share of capital remaining due, the maturities are degressive. The repayments may be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual.

Who is the professional depreciable loan for and under what conditions?

The professional depreciable loan is intended for all types of companies and makes it possible to usda financing  various types of professional projects.

The duration of the credit varies according to the nature of the project to be financed, it oscillates between 2 years for professional material and 15 years for real estate. The repayment period often depends on the duration of the tax depreciation of the financed project.

The implementation of a grace period for a short period is sometimes possible for the company, allowing to pay only borrowing interest. The return of capital is then deferred.

To make a decision on the agreement of a professional depreciable loan, the bank will rely on the nature of the transaction, its amount, its duration and thus determine the strength of the company against a professional depreciable loan. It requires in most cases a disability-death insurance to cover but also not to jeopardize the company in case of problems. A personal contribution is also recommended for this type of credit.

The rates can be fixed that is invariable and unique throughout the loan or variables, they are then associated with a fixed rate but are revised on each anniversary date. The fixed rate will be preferred in the event of a rate increase period and if the duration of the loan is significant. On the other hand, a variable rate will be preferred when rates tend to fall.

The professional loan is a loan reserved for the liberal professions, craftsmen and tradesmen, farmers, associations, TPE-SME-SMI and self-entrepreneurs. It is intended to usda financing  professional investments.

The professional loan brings together different types of loans, which allow each to finance specific needs


The  occupational lease  is a rental. It can be furniture rental, real estate or automobile. This allows the company to enjoy a good that it has chosen without having to buy it.

The depreciable loan

The professional depreciable  credit is the most commonly used credit. The capital is repaid throughout the loan with interest and insurance. It allows the usda financing  of all types of professional project.


The factoring is to entrust their invoices to a factor that will cover the bills now in place. This allows the company to have no cash gap, since it is paid directly during billing.