What Kind Of flowers Do They Buy For Funerals?

In everyday life, a person tries not to think about things related to death. But sooner or later, most of us have to face the funeral of relatives, friends or acquaintances. And at such moments, in addition to the incredible bitterness of loss, and sometimes even panic, many realize that they know absolutely nothing about the funeral rituals. With regard to religious rites, then they can be questioned from older people, or better – from the priest or a representative of the religious community to which the deceased belonged.

Meanwhile, in addition to religious rituals, at a funeral ceremony, and some social rules are observed. Take, for example, at least flowers. Everyone knows that it is customary to come to the funeral with flowers. But do you need to bring bouquets and wreaths to all the funeral ceremonies? Which flowers are suitable for a young girl or a boy, and which ones are being taken to a funeral for an elderly woman or man? Is it possible to buy fresh plants for the deceased dad, mom, friend, child, or is it better to take artificial ones? Perhaps the most appropriate questions for flowers for funeral will be answered by professional florists – specialists from the online store Cvety.kz, in which, by the way, you cannot just buy, but also order flower delivery.

How many flowers do you need for a funeral?

Probably, the question of how many flowers to carry for a funeral may seem strange to someone. Like, well-known fact: an odd number of plants are given alive, even – deceased. But I must say, this opinion is distributed mainly in the post-Soviet space. In many countries, bouquets of an even number of elements are quite calmly presented and accepted, without seeing such a gesture as a bad subtext. At the same time, an even number of plants carry far away departed ones. In Georgia, for example, in the cemetery take bouquets of 3, 5, 7, 9 flowers.

The tradition to bring to funeral compositions from an even number of plants has a long history and goes back to pagan times. Even in ancient Greece, people believed in bad energy of even numbers. In many other ancient cultures, paired numbers have been a symbol of completeness, in particular the completion of a life path. In Russia, 2 flowers each were brought only to fallen soldiers: one was intended for God, the other for the deceased. This tradition has been preserved to this day. And today, among the Slavs, it is customary to bring an even number of flowers to the funeral, but usually not more than 8 plants.

What flowers bring to the funeral?

Depending on gender and age

The flowers brought to the funeral have an important mission. With their help, those who came to the burial, express their attitude to the deceased, offer condolences to relatives. Therefore, it is important to choose the right plants for a mournful bouquet. Moreover, according to the rules of etiquette for the dead men and women of different ages, it is customary to bring different funeral flowers uk. What plants to choose for the funeral depends on how close you were with the deceased.

It is customary to come to the dead for dead friends with white chrysanthemums, as this flower is a symbol of friendship and openness. Former teachers, mentors, and managers often carry red carnations. These plants symbolize respect, reverence and worship before the merits of the deceased. The same bouquets are appropriate for the military. The graves of people who died in tragic circumstances, as a rule, bear maroon roses. Evergreen plants in pots say that the deceased will forever remain in the heart of the living. Irises have similar semantics. And only very close relatives can bring the beloved flowers of the deceased to the funeral.

What funeral flowers uk are buying for a man’s funeral?

At the funeral of men, it is customary to choose flowers of saturated colors, as a rule, from a cold color palette. Although plants with red buds will be appropriate. Burgundy roses in such mournful circumstances turn from a symbol of passionate love into a flower that speaks of the bitterness of loss. Scarlet bouquets can be laid at the tomb of your beloved husband or father. But pink buds, especially with a delicate aroma, should be avoided. Such plants are considered the classic choice for deceased women. If a man in life was a spiritual man, then at his funeral you can bring a bouquet of violets or lilies, and then plant a cypress near the grave. Carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, gladioli, daffodils, calla lilies, roses are among the most suitable funeral flowers uk that can be brought to both young and male in years.

Flowers for a woman’s funeral

The choice of a funeral bouquet for a woman essentially depends on her age. According to tradition, flowers that symbolize purity and innocence are brought to the funeral of a young girl. Therefore, most often the choice falls on lilies, calla and other plants of white or pink color. In farewell to a more adult woman often come with yellow or lilac bouquets. It can be carnations, tulips, orchids, roses, as well as the beloved flowers of the deceased. Mom or grandmother, as the keeper of the family hearth, you can take inflorescences calm pastel shades. If the deceased was socially active during her life and left behind many good things, it is appropriate to come to the funeral with a bouquet of bright colors (but use no more than 2-3 shades). This floral arrangement will symbolize the bright and rich life of the deceased.

Flowers for a dead child

The death of children is always an indescribable loss for parents and close relatives. Therefore, it is very important that the bouquet brought to the funeral of the child has the right implication.