Zoho CRM An All-In-One Tool To Manage Your Sales And Marketing

Zoho: a cheap CRM within the reach of TPE

Zoho CRM is an online application for customer relationship management that offers an impressive set of features for a very competitive price . It integrates perfectly with the other tools of the Zoho suite ( documents , agenda , messaging , database management, etc.) which will allow you to build a real bespoke information system around your CRM. For many businesses Zoho CRM is an effective and inexpensive alternative to Salesforce .

zoho sites presents a simple and totally customizable interface (fields and modules). The homepage offers a synthetic view of current business opportunities and various statistics. The administrator can propose a default view of this page and then each employee can adapt it to his way of working by simply dragging and dropping widgets (lead lists, current and forecast turnover, dashboard and report , etc.).

Features that cover all needs

Zoho CRM then works with a series of tabs that follows your business logic:

Business opportunity management : manage the qualification of your commercial leads by informing them of their origin and the context of the contact

Management of prospects : Following the contact you will know your offer to your potential customers . You will be able to evaluate your potential for success.

Quotation : zoho sites  CRM allows you to create your product catalog to make commercial offers on the fly without using Excel or Word to format your quotes and make the calculations (VAT, sums, net to pay)

Account and Contact Management : Easily and efficiently manage your business relationship with your customers by consolidating all essential data so you do not lose the thread: follow-up of events , contact details , contacts , products or services purchased , etc.

Document Management : zoho sites  allows you to share your documents with your collaborators such as quotes, invoices, or any other element necessary to know the case of your client .


Good report features / price. Less good on the service

Zoho CRM has a clear positioning that has not changed since its inception: offering the maximum of features at a price defying all competition. Moreover, aesthetic and ergonomic efforts were made a few years ago. In addition to its price and features,zoho sites has a full suite of fully connectable applications. All, including Zoho CRM, are fully customizable. We greatly appreciated the management of the tariff catalog and the design of the quotes directly in the CRM. The environment offers a good level of speed and interesting views to visualize your data. On the other hand, we regret the poverty of the associated services. Do not rely on a French technical team to help you